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March 2018

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Women Transforming Health

Around the world, women participate in designing, researching and developing tools and approaches to address evolving health challenges. In honor of Women’s History Month, we are highlighting stories that showcase what happens when women are empowered to play an active role in the health sector, transforming the lives of people in their communities and beyond.  

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How Building a Stronger HIV/AIDS Health Workforce Is  Impacting Malawian Women

The HRH2030 program, funded by USAID through the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), is strengthening the health workforce in Malawi, where HIV is pervasive. By training female health workers, HRH2030 empowers women and reduces HIV acquisition. Read about the women who are transforming Malawi’s health workforce.

Community Health Worker Fatima Kahdem

Community Health Worker Fatima Kahdem Brings Tuberculosis Services to People’s Doorsteps

In Afghanistan, USAID supports a community-based approach to bring tuberculosis (TB) services to people’s doorsteps. The Challenge TB project provides the country with technical support on topics related to TB. This support has empowered female community health workers to transform the health of their community. Read Fatima’s story.

Female Innovators Supported by Global Health Grand Challenges

Global Health Grand Challenges Support Women Innovators 

Through Global Health Grand Challenges, USAID supports innovators who are tackling some of the most pressing health challenges. Discover how these women innovators developed unique and impactful solutions

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For These Women, Survival Is Just the Start

We are at a historic point in global efforts to address fistula. Based on the results of a USAID study, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued a new recommendation on the shortened length of recovery time for fistula repair. A few weeks before WHO’s recommendation, the Agency celebrated 50,000 repairs. Read the perspectives of a passionate midwife and Agency senior maternal health advisor.

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