New AHRQ Publication Highlights Research on Improving Patient Safety and Reducing Medical Liability

A new online publication from AHRQ highlights the results from a number of AHRQ-funded planning and demonstration grants aimed at improving patient safety and malpractice outcomes, as well as the environment in which those outcomes occur. In 2009, AHRQ, the nation’s lead agency on improving patient safety, was asked by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to spearhead the Patient Safety and Medical Liability Initiative. Activities and findings from the initiative have laid the groundwork for future patient safety and medical liability projects. Among topics included in the new publication, entitled Advances in Patient Safety and Medical Liability: the role of the patient and family in supporting improved care and patient safety; the harmful impact of institutional silence when patient harm occurs; the use of different types of reporting systems; and implementation of disclosure, apology and offer programs.