New AHRQ Modules to Improve Informed Consent

All too frequently, patients do not understand the risks, benefits and alternatives of their treatments, even after signing a consent form. AHRQ has developed two new continuing education activities to improve the informed consent process, one for hospital executives and the other for health care professionals.

  • “Making Informed Consent an Informed Choice: Training Module for Health Care Leaders” provides guidance on developing informed consent policies and securing organizational support to ensure best practices in informed consent are consistently practiced. 
  • Making Informed Consent an Informed Choice: Training Module for Professionals” teaches clinicians a set of strategies to communicate clearly, present choices, and confirm and document informed consent. 

The modules are offered through the Joint Commission’s learning management system (LMS) for continuing education credit (CE and CME) at no cost to Joint Commission members. Organizations that do not participate in Joint Commission accreditation may obtain the modules from AHRQ at no cost.

Information about accessing the modules, as well as a guide to implementing the modules, is available from the AHRQ website at: