EHC Update: Final Reports on Coronary Artery Disease, Cultural Competence, and C. DIff; AHRQ Special Emphasis Notice

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The following have been posted to the Effective Health Care Web site.

Final Reports

AHRQ Announces Interest in Research that Uses Shared Decision Making as a Tool to Improve the Quality of Care for Low Income and Racial and Ethnic Minority Patients

AHRQ has released a Special Emphasis Notice (SEN) to inform the research community of the intent to support research on models of shared decision making tailored to the needs of low income and racial and ethnic minority patients.  The SEN conveys AHRQ’s interest in research that will increase the understanding of how to promote informed decision making, increase patient engagement, and improve the quality of care among low income and minority patients.  The notice can be accessed at:

Effective Health Care

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