Get Ready for Child Abuse Prevention Month: Explore our Prevention Resources

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Building a prevention-oriented system is a significant change effort. And here's how we can help

The Center for States is committed to supporting child welfare agencies in advancing prevention efforts. With a prevention focus, child welfare agencies can increase child safety and family well-being by strengthening families in their communities before problems occur or escalate.

Building the capacity to achieve these change efforts in prevention planning and execution will require authentic partner collaboration with youth and young people with lived expertise, parents, communities, and others.

Explore our prevention resources—including publications, tools, and more—that can get your agency started on engaging families with lived experience, building collaborations, and leveraging the transformational opportunities in the Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA) to advance your prevention efforts.

Start taking positive steps today, as we embark on Child Abuse Prevention Month in April!

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Featured Resources

Working Across a Prevention Continuum publication

Read our Working Across a Prevention Continuum publication to learn what a comprehensive, prevention-focused approach is and to establish a common understanding of what it should look like among staff, community partners, and other stakeholders.

Use the resources in our Visioning for Prevention series to build foundational knowledge about prevention-oriented systems, see examples of real-life strategies, and spark conversations with staff and stakeholders.

Visioning for Prevention series
The Words We Choose to Use Video image

Watch a short video in this series that explains how changing the language and messaging we use can strengthen families to improve child safety and well-bring.

Use the resources in the Prevention Planning Into Action series to support your agency’s prevention planning efforts and move prevention plans forward.

Prevention Planning Into Action series
Prevention Planning Into Action Roundtable Video

Watch a video in this series to hear about successful approaches and lessons learned from state leaders as they moved from planning into action.

How We Can Help

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Get in touch with our team of experts who can help you implement provisions of the FFPSA (e.g., title IV-E Prevention Plans) and build prevention-focused systems.

Access Tailored Services

Our Tailored Services Liaisons can work with you to create a support plan that can help your agency develop a more prevention-oriented system and implement FFPSA provisions.

Tailored Services Liaison Map

Join Our Peer Groups

Our peer groups can connect you with professionals and other experts working in similar practice areas or on prevention-focused initiatives, including prevention plan development and FFPSA implementation.

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