Recycle for Acorns

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Recycle for Acorns



Not only does your recycling make a difference to the planet, but this August it could also make a difference to the lives of children with life limiting conditions.

Throughout August we are asking you to maximise your recycling of plastic pots, tubs, trays and bottles as well as cans, tins and aerosols to help raise vital funds for Acorns Children’s Hospice.

For every tonne of these items sent for recycling, Severn Waste Services – which sorts and handles our recycling on behalf of Worcestershire County Council – will donate money to the charity.

Acorns provides babies, children and young people from birth to 18-years-old who have life limiting or life threatening conditions with specialist palliative nursing care as well as supporting them and their families, particularly their siblings.

These are the sort of items to lookout for:

  • Plastic bottles – soft drinks, milk, household cleaning products, detergent/fabric conditioner, bathroom products (shampoo/conditioner, shower gel, liquid soap , bubble bath), cooking oils and sprays
  • Plastic pots - yoghurt, puddings, cream, custard
  • Plastic tubs - ice cream, margarine/butter
  • Plastic trays - fruit punnets, meat trays, microwave meals (not black plastic), cake trays, egg boxes
  • Cans - food and drink cans
  • Aerosols - cleaning products, deodorant/body sprays,’squirty cream’ – please make sure it is empty.

Of course you should still try and reduce the amount of plastic you use but where you can’t and it’s a pot, bottle, tub or tray that isn’t black in colour, then make sure it ends up in your green bin and let’s recycle for Acorns.

For a full list of what you can recycle in your green bin click here.

Crisp packet recycling points



You can now recycle your crisp, popcorn, pretzel and nut packets at our public drop off points at Hetty’s Café in the Civic Centre, Pershore and Tesco, off Worcester Road in Evesham. We hope to add a location in Droitwich soon. However, there are other recycling points available that are not run by Wychavon. You can find your nearest one on the Terracycle website

They have been installed as part of the KP Foods and Terracycle scheme. Many people think the silver lining inside such packets is foil, when it is actually a metallised plastic film. When packets are deposited at one of the points, we will send them on to Terracycle where they will be shredded, the plastic recovered and used to make other products.

Please do not put crisp, popcorn, pretzel or nut packets in your green bin. They will not be recycled and you risk contaminating your recycling and that of your neighbours.

Non-black plant pot recycling


Plants pots, that are not black in colour, can now be put in your green bin and sent for recycling. This is thanks to a commitment by garden centres and those in the horticultural industry to start making plant pots in taupe – a sort of light grey or mushroom colour.

Previously plant pots were not accepted as they were largely made from black plastic which cannot be detected by the machinery at the sorting facility.

Alternatively why not avoid using plant pots completely and reuse common household items such as plastic bottles instead. You will find some inspiration here.

Some garden centres will also take your plant pots regardless of what colour they are so please check locally.

These plastic items are set to disappear



The Government’s waste advisory body WRAP is working with major companies and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to help tackle our growing plastic pollution problem.

The UK Plastic Pact, which includes members such as Tesco and Coca Cola, has four key aims to achieve by 2025:

  • Eliminating problematic or unnecessary single-use plastic packaging through redesign, innovation or alternative delivery models (such as reuse)
  • 100 per cent of plastic packaging to be reusable, recyclable or compostable
  • 70 per cent of plastic packaging effectively recycled or composted
  • 30 per cent average recycled content across all plastic packaging

As a start members of the UK Plastics Pact have committed to removing eight problematic or unnecessary single-use plastic items from shelves by the end of 2020 and have identified a further 19 items to take action against by 2025.

The eight items that will be disappearing from our shelves by the end of next year are:

  • Disposable plastic cutlery
  • All polystyrene packaging
  • Cotton buds with plastic stems
  • Plastic stirrers
  • Plastic straws
  • Oxo-degradable plastics
  • PVC packaging
  • Disposable plates and bowls

This is just the start and more items will be added to the list in the future but why wait for the manufacturers? Take the #plasticpledge here and see how much you can reduce your personal use of plastic by.

Bin/sack collection reminders

Bins and sacks (if an exempt property) must be put out by 7am on your usual day of collection.

Need help remembering which week is recycling and which week is waste? Then use our online collection calendar here.

Missed collection? Report it here.