Pass It On News: August 2019

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Issue 1 | August 2019

Welcome to the re-launched newsletter, Pass It On News.

The Safeguarding Adults Board newsletter has had a refresh and review, with a new logo and branding. We hope you like it!

This will remain a bi-monthly publication but primarily for our Board partners and subgroup members.  

Please could you share this newsletter within your organisations so that frontline workers have sight of recent Board developments and local and national safeguarding news.

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What's New?

We've welcomed our new Board Support Team Manager, Ru, and our new Board Co-ordinator, Laura.

We’ve reviewed many of the Board’s key documents including our constitution, Terms of Reference, Board membership, governance and our Communications Strategy.

In addition to this, 2018/19 has seen the establishing of a new subgroup – the Quality and Safeguarding Information subgroup and the reinvigorating of the Chairs subgroup. Learn more about our subgroups on our website.

Our Priorities for 2019/20

Have you seen our latest 3 year strategy?

Our 3 year strategic plan sets out the vision and desired outcomes of the Board. It also includes our annual business plan. In 2019/20 we'll be focussing on:

  • transitional safeguarding;
  • homelessness and safeguarding and
  • Making Safeguarding Personal.

We have been exploring these themes through our recent Making Safeguarding Personal audit and our pan Sussex Challenge Event, which brought together around 50 people, representing 20 different agencies from all over Sussex.

Annual Report

PUBLISHED: Annual Report 2018/19

We are pleased to announce the publication of the 2018/19 Annual Report.

The Annual Report is the key mechanism by which the Safeguarding Adults Board is held to account for the work it carries out.

The report includes partner achievements and priorities for the coming year, as well as safeguarding data and learning.

PUBLISHED: Managing Provider Concerns

A new Operational Framework for Managing Provider Concerns has been published to support providers to navigate around organisations' roles and responsibilities.

The Framework outlines the six stages of provider concern, from identification of concerns and initiation of the process, through quality assurance and closure of the process. The Operational Framework for Managing Provider Concerns is now available on our website.

PUBLISHED: Learning Review

The West Sussex Safeguarding Adult Board has published a new learning review for Adult J concerning a fire death. The learning review surveyed national learning from Safeguarding Adult Reviews (SARs) and shared this learning with agencies. 

The worth of a learning review depends upon learning being understood and responded to, so please do have a look at the learning review and professional briefing on the website.

Learning Review

NEW: Pan Sussex Self-Neglect Procedures

The new self-neglect procedures can now be found as a chapter in the Sussex Safeguarding Adults Policy and Procedures.

The procedures provide a clear pathway to assist professionals from any organisation to work, using a multi-agency approach, with adults who are displaying self-neglecting behaviours.

A self-neglect briefing has been produced to outline the key sections of the new Sussex self-neglect procedures. Please do share this briefing with your teams.


UPDATE: Safeguarding Referrals

West Sussex County Council (WSCC) have been experiencing unprecedented numbers of adult safeguarding concerns. Only 33% of all referrals proceed to an enquiry, which indicates that there is a large volume of referrals that do not meet the criteria of safeguarding an adult.

In response to this, WSCC has revised their referral processes and are trialling a new Safeguarding Adult Hub, similar to the model adopted by Oxfordshire and Hampshire. This Hub is intended to improve the quality of referrals, with a new online referral form and consultation telephone line also in development.

PUBLISHED: Safeguarding Thresholds

Alongside the new Safeguarding Adult Hub, from today (Monday 19 August 2019) West Sussex County Council (WSCC) are testing a new Safeguarding Thresholds guidance document, produced by the Safeguarding Adults Board. 

This document is designed to help our agencies understand which concerns are reportable, which they need to consult on before referring, and which are not reportable. The Safeguarding Thresholds guidance focuses on areas where there are considerably more inappropriate referrals. These areas are: medication errors, falls, pressure ulcers, and peer-on-peer abuse. Please share this document with your teams.

Modern Slavery

Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for Modern Slavery

Modern Slavery is a priority for the West Sussex Safer Communities Partnership due to the severe and long term impact it has upon men, women and children who are exploited.

The Partnership recognises the need for a multi-agency response to tackle it effectively, and as such, the Police and Crime Commissioner's office and WSCC are co-delivering Modern Slavery Single Point of Contact (SPOC) training for front line or customer-facing agencies.

If you would like more information about becoming a Modern Slavery SPOC in your organisation, or to book your place on this training, please see the eventbrite page.

Dates for the training are:

  • Monday 16 September, Committee Room 2, County Hall Chichester - 9am -12pm
  • Thursday 19 September, Room 12, Parkside, Horsham - 9am - 12pm
  • Friday 20 September, Boardroom, Centenary House, Worthing - 9am - 12pm
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Coming Soon

Board Lay Persons

We recognise the need for lay person representation for our Board, so are now in the process of recruiting two lay persons. We will keep you updated on this.


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Spotlight On...

In future editions of this newsletter, we are hoping to introduce you to our statutory partners in Sussex Police, the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) and West Sussex County Council (WSCC). We'll also be looking to introduce you to our other members, and how we are working individually, and together, around adult safeguarding.

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