Welcome to Our Year of Wellbeing 2019

Warwickshire County Council

Issue 01 - 18 Dec 2018

Coventry and Warwickshire Year of Wellbeing 2019 is almost here!

Chair of Wellbeing Boards

Welcome to our first newsletter about the Coventry and Warwickshire Year of Wellbeing 2019.

Our Year of Wellbeing provides an opportunity for us all to look into ways in which we can take steps to improve our own wellbeing – and the wellbeing of others - whether that is through moving more, working to combat loneliness or improving our wellness at work.


We hope you’ll take up the challenge … and the opportunity!

Councillor Kamran Caan, Chair Coventry Health and Wellbeing Board 

Councillor Les Caborn, Chair Warwickshire Health and Wellbeing Board 

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An introduction to the Year of Wellbeing

We have produced a simple booklet with more information about what will be happening throughout the Year of Wellbeing.

You can find out more about how we are looking to work with our primary school children, older people and some of the biggest employers in our area throughout the year.  

The booklet also highlights four inspiring stories from people who have already turned their lives around by developing a better understanding of their own wellbeing and how to look after it. You can access the booklet from the Year of Wellbeing webpage or by clicking 'Read more' below.

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Celebrating wellbeing 

Throughout the year we will be celebrating the great events and activities happening across Coventry and Warwickshire that help us improve our health and wellbeing.

We aim to use people’s stories to empower and inspire others to take action themselves. One of the ways we will do this is through the power of our bloggers. We have helped more than 50 individuals already to think about their wellbeing story and how to share it.

Meet one of those people, Ade, and read his blog.

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Cycling to success

In June this year, Warwickshire welcomed over 100 top women cyclists from all over the world to the county as stage-host of the OVO Energy Women’s Tour. Later in the summer, the county hosted a similar number of male cyclists for one of the stages of the Tour of Britain. Race organisers estimated that both events drew over 100,000 spectators each to watch cyclists race nearly 200km through Warwickshire.

The events served as a great reminder to dust off bikes and enjoy the health benefits of cycling, whether it be a family bike ride through the parks or a heart pumping race through the countryside.  Cycling clubs have seen increased membership and there is a large amount of anecdotal evidence, particularly in North Warwickshire that people are increasingly using two wheels rather than four to get around.

You can find helpful hints and tips on learning to ride and different cycle routes in the area on the Warwickshire and Coventry webpages. 

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So...How are You?

Are you wondering where to start and how to achieve the best results to improve your health and wellbeing?

Then look no further than this handy NHS quiz!

Complete the questions and get your personal health score along with tips and advice about lifestyle changes you can adopt to start making improvements today. 

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The Year of Wellbeing is organised by the Coventry and Warwickshire Health and Wellbeing Boards which include representation from all of the NHS organisations in our area, together with Healthwatch, local councils, the police and the fire service. The aim of the year is to share resources to support stronger, healthier communities, and to promote the importance of taking action to improve health and wellbeing.  

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