Warwickshire County Council Scam awareness Update

Warwickshire County Council

04-08-2016 04:23 PM BST

Students! If you’re looking for a job, here are the signs that your job offer may be simply ‘too good to be true’!

There are many fraudsters seeking to both scam students and involve them in their own criminal activities.

Be careful of any job advertisements or offers, on the Internet, Social media, via email or in local newspapers that:
1) Use phrases like ‘dream-job’ or ‘once-in a lifetime position’. These phrases are used by fraudsters to entice job seekers to show an interest in bogus positions.
2) Offer salaries that are much higher than the job's responsibilities. Another ploy used by fraudsters.
3) Are poorly written and perhaps contain spelling errors. This might indicate that the job offers have been hastily put together and are not genuine.
4) Ask for money in advance to carry out background checks or meet administrative costs. This is advanced fee fraud. Students pay money up front and the fraudsters then disappear; no job is ever provided.
5) Lead to a job that you have not been interviewed for or where you have not met your employer but you are asked to supply personal or financial information such as passport details, national insurance numbers, home addresses, bank account details etc. This would suggest that the job offer is an attempt at identity fraud.

There are also some jobs that students are offered that may lead them to commit fraud!

Students who are offered positions where they are asked to move money in to and out of their bank accounts may be committing money laundering offences. Criminals use unsuspecting students as money mules to move around money gained from criminal activities in order to make the money appear to come from legitimate sources. Students have also been asked to receive and pass on goods, often ordered by criminals using stolen credit and debit cards.
Students are also warned to beware of job offers in call centres which turn out to be boiler rooms. Boiler rooms are set up by fraudsters to sell worthless company shares to unsuspecting investors. Students are often employed to sell the shares over the phone using pre-prepared scripts. Boiler room fraud vacancies may state that you require no experience, skills or qualifications.

More information on bogus job offers and obtaining a genuine position

04-08-2016 02:50 PM BST

Consumers are again receiving bogus telephone calls from people who claim your computer is faulty or needs fixing. The callers almost always direct you to an area of your computer that appears to indicate a fault (in reality this is not the case). They will then try to convince you to give them remote access to your computer so that they can install viruses and other malware that can steal information such as passwords.

The phone numbers the fraudsters use appear to be UK based. However, in reality the callers are based abroad.

NEVER give anyone you don't know or trust access to your computer. Your service provider or Microsoft will never phone you to tell you there is a fault with your computer.