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Tell us how important tackling the Climate Emergency is to you, is the Council doing enough, what more you think could be done and what you could do or are already doing. We want to hear from as many people as possible so share with family and friends, it's open to everyone who lives and works in the borough. Complete the survey here.

Commission Meeting Three: Homes

Members of the Commission met for the third time last week to review the challenges and opportunities facing all housing providers, including the Council, around housing and all the different types of households, from private renters to home owners.

We are tackling this head on as we know households are the largest contributors to emissions in the borough - around 50% of all emissions. We all need to do our bit to make energy savings - with financial savings usually one of the benefits! The Council  supports initiatives such as installing insulation in suitable properties - did you know that 25% of heat is lost through not adequately insulated roof?, upgrading to LED lighting - we're saving 156 tonnes of carbon (and just under £29k) per year by replacing communal lights with LED ones in council buildings, and promoting solar panel installations - our recent partnership with the Greater London Authority has seen over 500 households sign up for potential discounts through group purchasing.

Interested in reducing energy use and making savings on your energy bills? Visit our webpage for tips and helpful hints.

At the third Commission meeting, co-chairs and members heard of our work undertaken in this area already which includes installing cavity wall and loft insulation in all suitable properties, installing 1,100 solar PV panels - with a further 160 planned, and ensuring all new appliances in our sheltered schemes are the most efficient "A" rated. The higher the rating of the appliance, the more energy efficient it will be and the less costly to run, saving money on bills. We're also upgrading communal heating controls and communal heating systems to individual billing which incentivises energy saving, and making the fuel switch to communal heating in three tower blocks which has benefited 140 households.

While we are continually looking at new technologies, materials and installation techniques that will improve the energy performance of our housing stock it's pivotal that we work with the private rented sector to reduce energy usage and deliver energy efficiency measures. It's a challenging area but we look forward to the Commission’s reflections on our work and help in developing even bolder initiatives in this area. 

You can read more here.

Did you know?

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Households are the largest contributors to emissions in the borough

Want to change one thing this week?

Turning down your thermostat by 1°C would cut your heating bills by up to 10%, save around £40 a year, and the planet around 300kg of CO2.

If every Waltham Forest household did this, that's equal to taking 5,647 cars off the road a year!

Energy Centre at Marlowe Road brings benefits

The Marlowe Road Energy Centre near Wood Street in Walthamstow was officially opened earlier this year. It provides heating and hot water to all the new homes on Marlowe Road housing estate. Currently the heat is produced by large boilers in the energy centre which significantly reduces carbon emissions when compared to individual boilers in each property. In future the energy centre will also use Combined Heat & Power units to produce energy. 

Marlowe Road Energy Centre boilers

Once the regeneration of Marlowe Road estate is complete the energy savings equal 436 tonnes of CO2 a year. That's the equivalent of taking 85 cars off the road each year!

These machines help tackle the climate emergency further by making efficient use of heat created from electricity generation to provide heating and hot water to homes on the estate whilst the electricity produced from this process is either used on site or sold to the National Grid. We plan to extend the network to provide energy to over 200 more homes from 2020.

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