Fisheries and Brexit Bulletin - Issue 1

22 November 2018 - Issue 1 



Welcome to the first edition of the Fisheries and Brexit Bulletin. As the UK prepares to leave the EU on 29 March 2019, it is a time of great change and uncertainty for the fishing industry. We still don’t know what the new requirements will be in terms of trade and exporting, but we want this bulletin to:

  • Help you understand the implications of Brexit on the fishing industry in Wales;
  • Assist you in preparing your business for when we leave the EU;
  • Let you know what support is available, to help you and your business make the transition.

This will be a regular bulletin that will give you updated information as the situation becomes clearer, please read each edition to stay informed.

Exporting to the EU

The Welsh Government is pressing for unfettered access to EU markets when we leave the EU on 29 March 2019. We understand how important that is to our fishing industry because 80% of exports are to the EU. Even with unfettered access, your business may need to comply with new arrangements. We will keep you updated on those negotiations and new arrangements.



If we leave the EU without a deal, we will become what is called a ‘third country’. This means new certificates and documentation will be required, by the EU, before products can be exported. These include Export Catch Certificates and Export Health Certificates.


Exporting Whelk to South Korea

We export whelk under an EU trade agreement with South Korea. This means we pay no tariffs. If we leave the EU without a deal, the UK will lose access to this agreement. The UK Government has already approached South Korea to negotiate a new one. But, if agreement can not be reached, you will need to comply with whatever arrangements are agreed; for example exports may be subject to tariffs.


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Useful Information

The below links will provide you with further information to help you prepare for when we leave the EU.



We are communicating with the Welsh fishing industry to help prepare for when the UK leaves the EU next March.

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