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June 2022

Supporting Sustainable South Hams

Climate Change

South Hams District Council has recently pledged their support to Sustainable South Hams (SSH) to support their work engaging our communities across the district in combatting climate change.

Sustainable South Hams is looking to encourage new and existing community groups with climate change and nature and biodiversity initiatives - the group is launching its new website as a key part of this aim.

The organisation is wanting to form relationships with town and parish clerks to help establish their network even further.

A word from Cllr Tom Holway

Cllr Tom Holway

Cllr Tom Holway, South Hams Executive Member for Environnment, said: "Sustainable South Hams have been working with parish councils and local groups to help them better understand how to mitigate the effects of climate change and improve biodiversity. 

"The Council recently provided some grant funding to help SSH further their valuable work throughout the South Hams.

"The next stage is to establish contact with our Town and Parish Councils and local groups, to find out what progress has been made so far, and to identify their requirements for future assistance.

"SSH will be sending out a Climate Change and Biodiversity questionnaire asking what successes they have had, what they have learnt and are able to share, and what help and training needs they have.

"Please respond to the questionnaire and help us save our planet and improve the lives of everyone in the South Hams."

What is Sustainable South Hams?

Sustainable South Hams is a network helping connect parish biodiversity and climate action groups across South Hams.

Representatives hold regular online meetings to share information and discuss any joint initiatives. The group is going through a great stage of growth, with the imminent launch of its new website.

Have you declared a climate emergency? Do you have a plan to help tackle climate change? Do you have any local groups working on climate change? SSH wants to know more!

The organisation is also in the process of creating a new website and wants to connect with parish and town clerks so they can provide and amend data on their towns and parishes before the website goes live.

Contact Sustainable South Hams

To find out more about Sustainable South Hams, visit their website.

Contact information for Sustainable South Hams:

Sustainable South Hams email

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