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17 July 2020

In this week's edition:

Support for Tavistock Foodbank

Tavistock foodbank

We have stepped in to help Tavistock Foodbank with new storage when they ran out of room to hold their much needed food stocks.

The Foodbank stocks had reached such healthy levels that volunteers were worried that they would not have anywhere to store their food stocks. 

After approaching us, we were delighted to offer help and support by identifying a suitable space for the foodbank to store their food, and making this easily available to them. They can now continue to provide much needed help for those in the town who desperately need a lifeline. Find out more here.

Face Coverings in Shops Compulsory

Face masks in shops

Wearing a face covering in shops and supermarkets in England will become compulsory from Friday 24 July.

It is hoped this will further reduce the spread of coronavirus and also encourage people to return to the shops safely.

You can either buy your mask or make your own face covering.Children under 11 and those with certain disabilities will not have to wear a covering. 

Please do your bit to help protect our West Devon shop workers and to reduce the spread of the virus. 

The rules will be enforced by the police, with those who fail to follow the new rules facing a fine of up to £100. Find out more here.

Recreational Sport and Activities

Team sports

Are you responsible for running a team sport, or do you or your child play in a team? If so, this information is for you.

The return of team sport is an exciting moment for those adults and children who use this as their exercise for the physical, mental and social benefits of playing.

To make sure team games are as safe as possible, the Government has produced this guidance.

It is impossible to completely eradicate all risk during team sport, but with care they can be reduced and the benefits of team sport enjoyed again.  

Children can soon attend a number of activities including tuition, extracurricular clubs, such as dance classes, gymnastics, scouts and guides.

At the moment, they are only for eligible children but during the summer holidays, in a few weeks, these settings can open to all children, provided they put in place the appropriate protective measures. Find out more about out-of-school settings.

Devon Together Newspaper

Devon Together

A lot of communication with the public these days is done digitally, online, or directly to people who subscribe to receive news or information from us, to their smartphones or tablets.

That’s because so many people are to some degree ‘online’.  However, not all households use digital technology, and right now and during coronavirus it's important to make sure that everyone has access to important advice and information – including those who may be more isolated, vulnerable, and not ‘online’.

So Devon County Council, and NHS Devon Clinical Commissioning Group and the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office, have commissioned a one-off newspaper, for news and information related to coronavirus.  It will be delivered to around 300,000 households across Devon over the next week or so, delivered door-to-door to households that we know are less likely to have digital access to news and information.

Devon County Council have posted a story on their ‘Devon Together page’. The digital copy of the new paper can be found on a link at the bottom of the page for you to have a look at.