Business Update - Communities and Traders Working Together

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6 May 2020

Communities and Traders Working Together

Cogs Teamwork Working Together

We are sponsoring an initiative to help both the local economy and the many community groups that have been created to cope with Covid-19.

A new business model has emerged where communities and traders are working together for the benefit of both.

The community groups assemble a group of customers and then work with a particular trader to arrange delivery and payment. This could involve the trader dropping off goods at a central point for onward delivery or a volunteer from the group picking up the 'bulk order' from the trader's premises.

Interestingly, where this has been successful, traders have developed new markets, and communities benefit from reducing the number of journeys made to shop.

If you would like to be part of this 'new model' you need to do two things:

  • register your business on our website here and make it clear what goods or services you are offering and which geographic areas you are happy to operate in.
  • If you already have similar arrangements in place, it would help if again, you could register and make this clear.

We have identified which of the many community groups wish to operate this model and will invite them to look through the list of traders on the website and make contact with those with whom they see merit in trading.

Once contact between each party has been made, it will be up to both parties to agree the way in which the business will be transacted.

Additionally, we will hold routine meetings with the community groups and feed across these which of the above arrangements are working well so that others may be encouraged to get involved.