Staffordshire Archives & Heritage Update 24 December 2020

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Holly with berries and snow

Staffordshire Archives and Heritage Service would like to wish all our Readers, Friends, Volunteers and Visitors a very Merry Christmas and Happy and Peaceful New Year. We look forward to welcoming you again in 2021. 


We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Children with Old Father Christmas

Quick Christmas Quiz

Have a go at our quick Christmas quiz. The answers are at the bottom of the newsletter - no cheating! 

  1. Which March sister opens L.M. Alcott's Little Women by grumbling "Christmas won't be Christmas without any presents?" 
  2. In what classic novel does the protagonist set sail for a sea voyage on a cold Christmas Day?
  3. Which character declares "Merry Christmas, one and all!" in Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol?
  4. In which children's classic is it 'always winter but never Christmas'? 
  5. What year was Clement C. Moore's poem 'The Night Before Christmas' first published?
  6. The Father Christmas Letters is written and illustrated by which famous novelist?

From the Collections

Group of children at a Christmas party in Eccleshall, 1937

This photograph is from an album that was donated to the Record Office last year (7752/1). The photographs are believed to have been taken by a woman known as "Blue" Woodson, agent for a local newspaper, and feature many aspects of life in and around Eccleshall in the 1930s, featuring weddings, agricultural shows, baby competitions, sports clubs, parades, and Christmas parties. The album was originally an account book dating from 1876 to 1889 and apparently relating to a business in the Eccleshall and Chebsey area, or possibly a loan record book. Most of the volume remained unused so was re-used for the photographs, although some are pasted over pages of accounts. Anyone with relatives in Eccleshall?

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Quick Christmas Quiz Answers 

1) Jo March

2) Moby Dick

3) Tiny Tim 

4) CS Lewis' The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe'

5) 1823

6) J R R Tolkien

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