Special Edition 16 April 2020 Staffordshire Archives & Heritage Update

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Welcome to this special edition of the Staffordshire Archives and Heritage newsletter.
In this edition we are setting you some challenges based on our collections across the Archives and Heritage Service. Some of the answers will be revealed in the next edition. Good luck!


Elizabethan Wordsearch

Elizabethan Wordsearch

This word search is taken from one of our documents, find all the words and work out what the document they are taken from is about. All the answers will be revealed next week.

Words in the puzzle may be hidden horizontally, verticaily and diagonally and can run forwards or backwards . . . Good luck!

countrie            strangers           maritime         wheeles          powder                
weapon            caution              Beacon           fyere               Armour

Spot the difference

Bilston Enamel Patch Box, 19th century

Spot the difference . . .

Can you find 5 differences between the images of this enamel box from the 19th century?  The original image is on the left. The answers are listed at the bottom of this edition. You may want to use the zoom function in your browser to make the images larger! 

This enamelled box with a hinged lid was probably used for face powder and was made in Bilston which was the centre of the decorative vitreous enamel trade. It is one of a small collection of Bilston enamels in the County Museum Collection. 

Rhinestone Broach

Sharing Your Collections 

We are always showing you what we have in our collections. But what about showing us your collections?

While everyone is spending a lot more time at home, we thought it would be nice to share your stories. We would love to hear from you if you have any interesting objects at home that have some history attached to them.

If you would like to share with us, send an image of the object or document and a little bit about what this object is, who owned it, when it is from and any interesting anecdotes about it. The object can be old or new. You can even ask us to guess what it is, if you think it’s a bit of a mystery object or if it’s something that isn't used anymore.

Email Melanie at melanie.williamson@staffordshire.gov.uk We will be sharing these every week on #SharingSaturday on Facebook and Instagram and we hope to create an online exhibition of all our entries called Collections at Home.

Staffordshire Steeple and Tower Challenge

Staffordshire Steeple and Tower Challenge 

How well do you know the beautiful churches across the county? Here are the first two in the series. Answers in the next edition. 

Spot the difference answers 

The tree on the left, the top of the urn on the right, the balustrade is missing on the left, one of the white dots in a group of three on the right, and a leaf in the floral image at the bottom centre

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