Staffordshire's Family Strategic Partnership Newsletter


Across Staffordshire, we aspire to ensure that more children, families and communities can feel happy, be safe and enjoy their life.

As part of Staffordshire’s investment in partnership working and multiagency collaboration, the Family Strategic Partnership was formed to create a platform for partners in Staffordshire to work closely together to a set of shared priorities.

This Newsletter aims to highlight the partnership work that we do across Staffordshire and the new way that we are working together to improve the lives of families and communities in Staffordshire.


We have been working together as a partnership to look at how we can all work better together at a local level to improve the lives of children and families.

This local working has become known as taking a Place Based Approach and is underpinned by the principle of ‘community first, service last’.


The fundamentals of taking a ‘Place Based Approach’ to working together come from the knowledge that:


1. The issues that children and families face are often unique to each local district. A county wide, approach doesn't provide families with the support they need. 


2. Local people and organisations want to be at the heart of developing solutions to local issues.


3. Partners and voluntary organisations have limited resources. By working together in local areas, we can make best use of our collective time, money and resources.


Each local area in Staffordshire has its own unique set of priorities.

Find out more about your local priorities by clicking on your area.