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A hat for a fine summer's day, 1920s
A hat fit for a fine summer day, 1920s style.


Welcome to the June edition of the  Staffordshire Archives and Heritage Service e-newsletter. 

Our Staffordshire History Centre (SHC) bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund has just been submitted and we will inform you of developments later this year. Our thanks go to everyone who has supported the work on this over the last few months. 


Brocton Training Camp - Jake Whitehouse Collection
PE training on Cannock Chase during the Great War

Funding Secured to Digitise the Jake Whitehouse Photographic Collection

The Museum Service is delighted to have been awarded £7,400 through the Heritage Lottery Fund’s ‘World War I Then and Now’ Fund to digitise the photograph collection of Jake Whitehouse (1926-2017). Jake was a military and local historian who pioneered the research into the history of the Great War Training Camps on Cannock Chase. The collection contains over 1,400 images and will be a superb resource for anyone interested in the history of Cannock Chase and its surrounds. Working with volunteers from Berkswich History Society, the Friends of Cannock Chase and the Landor Society, we will be carrying out research into the collection which will be made available to the public through a bespoke website later this year. The project will also include working with a local school to test and improve the website’s features, and will finish with a series of celebration events.

Illustration of a 19th century blood transfusion (D1349-11)
Image of a 19th century blood transfusion (D1349-11)

You might know artist J.M.W. Turner for his dramatic land and seascapes, but did you know he might also have illustrated medical catalogues? This intriguing sketch of a 19th century blood transfusion is believed to be Turner’s handiwork, and is reproduced in a copy of the 1901 ‘Maws’ Medical Catalogue’ held at Staffordshire Record Office. The image shows a contraption sold by Maws’ in 1830 designed to enable users to undertake major blood transfusions in the upper class home! The Heath Robinson-like device fastens to an overturned dining chair (of the finest design, naturally), whilst a hollow pipe is clamped to the unfortunate recipient’s arm (a delicate lady of faltering health, obviously) and a valve inserted into a suitable vein. At the top of this pipe sits a funnel into which the gallant blood donor (a dashing gentleman, of course) opens a vein and bleeds profusely. The blood is thus directly transfused from donor to recipient all from the comfort of a chaise longue or day bed. Minor concerns about matching blood type and the risk of fatal infection don’t really seem to matter in this case!

Puppets from the County Museum Collection

Out on the Road

The Museum Collections are gearing up to go out on the road again in June and July. Our 'Puppets on Parade' exhibition will be visiting the Museum of Cannock Chase from 23 June until 12 August. The Museum is a great place to catch up with this family friendly display of puppets.

July sees the launch of our new touring exhibition 'Through the Eyes of a Child' which opens at Brampton Museum and Art Gallery on 21 July. The exhibition explores different aspects of childhood and how it has changed over time. It features items on loan from the Museum of Childhood (part of the Victoria and Albert Museum) alongside the Staffordshire Museum Collection. 

Criminal Quilts Project

Criminal Quilts Available for Pre-Order

Ruth Singer's book on women, crime and textiles, 'Criminal Quilts, Textiles Inspired by the Stories of Women Photographed in Stafford Prison 1877-1916' previewed in the last newsletter, is now open for pre-orders. The book will contain considerable information about the women and their lives as well as contextual information about prison conditions and personal case studies. 

The book will also be a beautifully-illustrated catalogue for the textile exhibition which will be touring around the Midlands from August 2018. If you pre-order the book before 20th July you will get a free postcard and the chance to have your name included in the book as a Supporter. You can pre-order now for a discount and get a copy for £10 plus P&P. Find out more

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