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Career Girl Shoe, Lisa Milroy 2002


Welcome to the January edition of the  Staffordshire Archives and Heritage Service e-newsletter

The Archives and Heritage team have been working with arts organisation Creative Health to deliver small art displays to support artist run workshops for residents at Beechwood, part of the Choices Housing Association in Newcastle-under-Lyme. The work on display will change over the next few months enabling staff and residents to view work from the County Art Collection and hopefully inspire them to create their own work! The first work to be displayed is 'Career Girl Shoe' by Lisa Milroy (Oil on canvas, 2002).


Staff at the Lichfield Record Office

Lichfield Record Office closed its doors to the public on 28 December 2017

What we thought was going to be a sad occasion turned into a heart-warming last day for all the staff. We were really pleased to see the Record Office full to capacity, every seat was filled twice over. We were so busy there was no time to think until it was time for mince pies and sherry just before we closed the door for the last time. Throughout December we were pleased to see regular readers, former colleagues and researchers from years past who all called in to say their farewells and thank us for the service of Lichfield Record Office over the years. It was such a lovely atmosphere– we felt truly valued.

Thank you for all your many cards, emails and letters of support and thanks.

Our volunteers are continuing to work hard to make our collections more accessible and the staff are now preparing the collections for the move to Stafford in March. Follow our Facebook page to get updates on what’s happening behind the scenes in preparation for our big move. We look forward to seeing many of our Lichfield service users at Staffordshire Record Office when the collection becomes available again in May.

Hanging paintings in the new art store

Just Hanging Around?  

The Museum Team have been getting stuck in at the new collection store. Our fantastic art collection now has purpose built movable racking where framed work can hang safely in a stable and secure environment. There is a bit of work to do now to prepare each painting so that it can hang on the racking using special hooks. The location of every painting is then logged on CALM, our collections management system, ensuring that we know exactly where it is.

Minton's Old Factory, London Road, Stoke upon Trent, August 1964

Bert Bentley Slide Collection now available on Staffordshire Pasttrack

Over the past year Stoke City Archives volunteer Graham Jones has added over 500 images from the Bert Bentley slide collection onto the Staffordshire Pasttrack website. Taken during the 1960s these colour and black and white images depict the Potteries and its surrounding areas during a period of great change.  Many of the buildings and streets no longer stand.  Graham has been scanning, processing, researching captions and entering locations onto the Past Track database.  Just click on ‘Latest Additions’ at www.staffspasttrack.org.uk to see what he’s added over the past week. This image shows Minton's Old Factory, London Road, Stoke upon Trent, August 1964.

Carriage Workshop January 2018

Open to Interpretation  

The Museum Team had an amazing day exploring the interpretation of carriage collections with staff from the National Trust Carriage Museum at Arlington Court, the Carriage Foundation and the Tyrwhitt-Drake Museum of Carriages. This focused on best practice within the sector identifying what works well for a range of visitors at different sites. 

This workshop is part of the research and development of a new guide we are producing to interpreting carriages in museum collections. This will bring together best practice in engaging audiences with what can be challenging objects, particularly within mixed collections and aims to support those working with carriages to make the most of these interesting, engaging and often beautiful vehicles. The guide will be launched at the beginning of March.

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