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Welcome to Stockport's monthly SEND newsletter for all children, young people, families and professionals working with special educational needs and disabilities.

Missed an issue? You can find all our previous newsletters on the Stockport SEND Local Offer.

Key Updates
Sensory Support Service

Hello, my name's Cara Wheeler - Head of the Sensory Support Service.

We thought some of you might like to know a little more about Sensory Support Service (SSS) this month.

The SSS team of 41 staff provide specialist intervention and support to over 600 babies, children and young people who have a permanent or long term hearing loss and/or vision impairment from 0-25 years, including those who use British Sign Language and are deaf, and those who have severe vision impairment /are blind and are Braillists.

We also provide advice for children who have temporary vision impairment, for example if a child needs to wear an eye patch to correct vision in one eye.

 For a families, finding out that your child has a vision impairment or a hearing loss can bring about a whole array of emotions. At Sensory Support Service our additionally qualified Teachers of Vision Impairment and Teachers of the deaf work with families from the time of diagnosis, often from a few weeks after birth, to provide guidance and support in homes and childcare settings, along with unbiased, clear information that allows families to make their own choices and decisions for their child. We also work directly with children and young people when they reach mainstream and special nurseries and schools , colleges and through to work and employment, providing direct teaching and intervention, assessment monitoring and advice programme as well as bespoke training packages.

We are invested in the principles of co-production. We have recently set up a Childrens Hearing and Vision Services Working Group to bring colleagues from health, social care and regional voluntary provider services in Stockport together with SSS to involve and listen to parents, carers and young people with the aim of improving our combined and individual service provisions.

We’ve set up a new private Facebook group for all the families who are linked to our service. Take a look at our latest family newsletter here:

SSS newsletter March 21

Information to support you in your settings with regard to children and young people’s vision and hearing can be found in the SEND Entitlement Framework, and don’t forget to check out our local offer here:

Sensory Support Service | Stockport SEND Local Offer

Please do get in touch with any queries, requests, comments or feedback via anytime: we’d love to hear from you.


Deaf Awareness

It was Deaf Awareness Week during the first week of May, however it doesn't stop there. Awareness is a year-round thing we should always strive raise, and eager to help in this are a couple of young people who have made videos to share some top tips on communicating with people who are diagnosed with hearing loss.

Watch: Ella's 5 tips on what to do when you meet someone with hearing loss.

Watch: 5 things yo need to know when communicating with someone with hearing loss.

You said we did

Have your say

As always we are working to hard to shape the Local Offer to the needs of the users. It's through feedback that we can make sure we're taking the right steps as we make further developments.

Using our anonymous feedback form you can leave our thoughts and comments, let us know if you think something is missing or tell us how you would expect to be able to use the website.

It's not just the website that is developed with your feedback, our work supporting SEND in Stockport is also shaped with the voices of those who have experienced services etc.

It's with these shared experiences that we can learn together and improve services, education settings and more in Stockport for children and young people with SEND and their families. 

Head to our feedback area of the SEND Local Offer

You Said, We Did

Our You Said We Did area on the SEND Local Offer outlines the feedback we receive and what we have done to respond to the feedback. We have split our feedback actions and responses inot hte separate workstreams for which the feedback comes in for:

  • Stockport SEND Local Offer
  • Co-Production Charter
  • Entitlement Framework, Support for Learners
  • Education, Health & Care Plans and Annual Reviews
  • Health and Therapy Services
  • Getting in Touch
  • Health Services Updates
  • Personal Budgets
  • Communication
  • Developing our One Stockport Plan - Our Vision for 2030


Transition Team renamed to Early Adulthood Team

A survey recently went out on behalf of the Transitions Team regarding the team's name and what thoughts were on what the team should be called to better reflect the work they do.

Based on the results of the survey we've decided to change our name to Early Adulthood Team from today.

"We're really pleased to have almost 50 responses to our survey from young people, parents/carers and professionals and would like to thank everyone who contributed. We know it will take a bit of getting used to but we are really excited about our change to the Early Adulthood Team. It will take us a little bit of time to update everything across the Local Offer etc. so please bear with us!"

The Early Adulthood Team work with young people who are approaching adulthood and who may need support from Adult Social Care when they turn 18. Some young people may have had support from services as a child, but others may not have done. As a team we may be part of a young person’s life in preparing for adulthood.

Week Of Action May

SEND Week of Action Reflection

What a week!

During the week of 17-21 May 2021, we focused on raising awareness of SEND by hosting our Week of Action! Throughout the week we offered a range of webinars and events for parents/carers and professionals, as well as hosting activities at the hospital.

The week was a huge success with lots of interaction through online meetings and on social media. We plan to go bigger and better in November 2021 and if you are interested in getting involved, please email us.

Webinars from some of the events during the week were recorded and are in the process of being uploaded to the Week of Action page on the SEND Local Offer.


Local Offer Update

We have listened to feedback from parents/carers, professionals and young people throughout our SEND Improvement Journey.

Here you can find an outline of what we have done to respond to the feedback on the SEND Local Offer.

You said

We Did


Talking to other parents/carers, the website still isn't very well known and a lot of us do not have the dedicated time to give to a scheduled webinar or meeting.

We are aware that awareness regarding the SEND Local Offer website and its uses is still needed to be raised and we are in the process of this through social media posts and sharing the Local Offer where ever we can, through conversations and linking to its many pages throughout our digitised work.

After such positive feedback from the SEND Local Offer webinars during the SEND Week of Action, we will be continuing these tutorials via 'Facebook Live' inside the Stockport SEND Facebook Group. This means we are not trying watchers down to a certain time as they can watch whenever they want and we can track any questions o feedback in the comments section.

The first Facebook Live video will be taking place during the week commencing 7th June.

Jun 21


SEND Board update

The Local Area SEND Board provides direction and leadership for how we manage the processes in Stockport around identifying and meeting needs of children and young people who have special educational needs or disabilities (SEND).

SEND Board meetings are held monthly, you can read summaries of the SEND Board meetings on the SEND Local Offer.

Stockport’s SEND Board is represented by a number of people: Parent/Carer representatives, Education, Health and Social care

Read more about the membership and view their individual profiles

SEND Performance Data

The SEND scorecard helps us keep track of progress on our SEND improvement journey. We update the measures in the scorecard where new data is available.

Where we have targets we apply a red/amber/green rating to the measure and if it is rated red, a report is generated with detail about actions for how we will improve. We use data from local and national sources. Updates are then presented to the SEND board to track progress.

The scorecard continues to develop as we refine the measures, including the introduction of new measures. You can find all updates of the scorecard on the SEND Local Offer

Education Banner

Education, Health and Care Plan Team

New Team Members

We have recruited to two of our vacant posts and I am pleased to tell you that we have two new members of the Team starting with us in June / early July. We are interviewing for the other vacant posts this month and hope to be able to have our successful candidates join us before we break for the summer holidays.


The Team are continuing to work hard to ensure that all new assessments ae completed within 20 weeks. Since April 2021 we have continued to complete 100% of our new assessments within the 20 week timescale.

New Request for EHC Needs Assessment Paperwork

After a successful trial of our new paperwork we are ‘launching’ our new EHC request form and operational guidance for settings this month.

Engagement with Young People
Autism Logo

Autism Ambassadors

The group of young people are meeting regularly every two weeks on Tuesday from 4:30pm to 5:30pm.

The young people have been getting to know one another and working out what the group should be doing.

The group have started work on a ‘Guide to Autism Friendly Stockport for Young People’. They will also be meeting the newly appointed Strategic Lead for Autism and will work with her to improve services in Stockport. The young people have also commented on One Stockport Health & Care Plan.

The group is still meeting online, but efforts are being made to organise in person meetings as soon as possible.

Get involved

Stockport Local Offer Parent/Carer Focus Group

Back at the end of March, a new focus group was formed, made up of parents and carers. The group work together to help shape the Stockport SEND Local Offer website into a much more public-friendly resource.

The Group are currently meeting on a fortnightly basis, Thursdays at 5pm.

Next meeting: Thursday 10th June

if you are interested and would like to join the group, please email


SEND Inclusion Community Group

The SEND inclusion community group is made up largely of operational professionals, parents/carers and representation from the voluntary and community sector to ensure:

  • Transparent communication on the current issues in relation to SEND within Stockport
  • Sharing of Information and best practise is available to young people with SEND.
  • Outcomes and Inclusion are monitored and discussed, exploring proposals for improvements.

Our session in May was attended by 25 different SEND community organisations. We had representatives from schools, charities, community groups, services in the Local Authority, CCG and Stepping Hill Hospital. It was a fab meeting.

Read full summaries of our meetings on our page over on the SEND Local Offer website.

send champions

SEND Champions- update from 18th May

Our meeting on 18/05/21 was part of the SEND Week of Action and a ‘Meet the Champions’ session. We welcomed a number of new people and talked about what the champions aim to do.

We also met Liz who updated about the Community Champions initiative and we shared information about the impact on children and young people and how it isn’t always straightforward about easing restrictions. This can create disruption to established routines and some fear about social contact for some and this needs to be acknowledged as we move forward. We talked about keeping some of the good bits gained from online access.

We also revisited the purpose of the champions and said we would have a more detailed look at this at our next meeting.

We agreed a sub-group for setting up parent/carers groups at school settings.

We also talked about how some of our external services need to be trained in co-production so that children with SEND are seen universally with those professionals having some understanding of their needs.

After great discussion (as always!) we are now welcoming new members to the group!

You can read more about our SEND Champions, and summaries of our meetings over on our page on the SEND Local Offer

Upcoming events

Stockport Community Children's Occupational Therapy Team – who are we and what we are trying to achieve?

Wednesday 16th June 2021

The Children's Community Occupational Therapy team outline the role of the children’s Occupational Therapist and when a child may require input from this team. This team embarked on an extensive service transformation project in June 2020. The presentation aims to explain why these changes were needed, what the team hope to achieve and share with you the current changes made to date. Importantly, we will highlight how the proposed new way of working will allow more timely access to those children and families in Stockport who require the specialist input from this service.

To book onto this FREE webinar:

Book online

autism show

The Autism Show Webinar Week

14th - 19th June

Over the week, attendees will have the opportunity to watch over 30 hours of webinars live streamed from across the UK and beyond. The webinars will provide attendees with the latest autism news and views, practical strategies and approaches, and direct insights from adults on the spectrum.

Book your tickets

Behaviour webinar

An introduction to positive behaviour support

Friday 18th June 2021

Exploring behaviour measuring tools to unpick behaviour, parental self-care and implementing PBS strategies to manage behaviour that challenges.

To book onto this FREE webinar:

Call 0161 696 9379 


Book online

ambitious about autism

How to Support  Autism in the workplace webinar

17th & 19th June

This ‘lunch and learn’ session helps participants to gain an understanding of the social, communication and sensory differences an autistic person may present with and how the condition affects everyone differently.

We will share helpful hints and tips for how to support someone with autism in the workplace, with the opportunity to ask questions of our expert trainer.

The webinars are delivered monthly, using Zoom, so you can book your place on a date that suits you.

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