Stockport Review EXTRA - COVID-19 - 26th March

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Coronavirus helpline for residents 0161-217-6046 - 26th March 2021

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Cllr Wilson

Message from the Leader of the Council

On Tuesday we commemorated the National Day of Reflection which marked one year since we were all placed into lockdown. So much has happened over the last year and it was an opportunity to take time out and remember all those who have lost loved ones and the many sacrifices we have all made to look after each other and keep our communities safe.

From Monday, we take another step out of restrictions and further information on the roadmap can be found here. This means that you can now meet up in groups of six or two households outdoors, which includes private gardens. We still need to keep safe, especially when we are around more people and keep at least 2m apart and wash and sanitise our hands at regular intervals. This is still our best defence to stop the spread of the virus.        

Children and adults can also attend organised outdoor sports and outdoor sport and leisure facilities will re-open. I know this will come as welcome news to many who have missed these much-loved activities but please stay safe and be mindful of your contact with others.

The ‘stay at home’ rule also ends on Monday, but you should continue to work from home if possible and keep journeys to a minimum.

The virus is still circulating in Stockport with rates at 78.4 per 100,000. Thanks to your hard work, rates are slowly declining but please keep up with everything you are doing as we start to ease out of lockdown. The latest published data can be found here.

Our vaccination programme continues at pace and more than 135,000 people have had their first dose, which is more than half of the adult population in Stockport.

- Leader of Stockport Council, Elise Wilson.

Roadmap out of lockdown - step 2

On Monday 29 March we will enter step 2 of the government’s roadmap out of lockdown.

After being cooped up all winter, it’s lovely to see the sun shining again and from Monday organised sports can restart for children and adults, and outdoor sport and leisure facilities will be open again.

Businesses eligible to host childcare and supervised activities for children will also now be able to host all outdoor children’s activities and outdoor parent-and-child groups for up to 15 people (excluding under 5s).

Perhaps the main change is that people will now be able to meet up in a group of six or two households in the outdoors, including private gardens.

Based on the latest government guidance, if you are meeting with people, it may be worth considering these tips for keeping everyone safe:

  • Do not enter the house unless briefly necessary to enter the garden or to use the bathroom – once finished, wipe down and sterilise any surfaces you have come into contact with
  • Maintain social distancing by keeping two metres apart
  • Set out seats two metres apart in advance - but not face to face
  • Afterwards, consider limiting social contacts as much as possible with other households if you have already met for a social gathering elsewhere.
  • Passing things from one person to another can transmit the virus, so maintain strong hygiene standards, including washing or sanitising hands regularly
  • If you are considering having a picnic or a BBQ, ask guests to bring their own glasses, cutlery, serving implements, plates and condiments, if possible, to limit the risk of transmission
  • Have a one-way system around any food that’s being served
  • Only one person should handle cooking implements
  • Serve food on plates/platters from a distance

The ‘stay at home’ rule will end on 29 March, but many restrictions will remain in place. People should continue to work from home where they can and minimise the number of journeys they make where possible, avoiding travel at the busiest times and routes.

While it will be tempting to start mixing again, we must be mindful that Coronavirus is still very much circulating in Stockport, and we still need to keep up our behaviour changes to curb the transmission and keep rates down. So do please continue to socially distance (two metres), wear face coverings (unless exempt), wash or sanitise hands regularly and keep areas well ventilated.

For further information on the government’s roadmap out of lockdown click here.

Missed Census Day? There’s still time!

Census Day was last Sunday (21 March), and you must fill in yours to avoid a fine. The Census helps to decide on important things like local services for our borough. You need to fill out the Census as close as possible to 21 March, so there’s still time if you’re struggling. Your Census data will not be shared with anyone other than the Office of National Statistics, and no one, not even government bodies, will be able to identify you from the data.

The 2021 Census is ‘digital-first’, so everyone is encouraged to complete it online. There are lots of resources available to you if you need help.

If you have limited internet access at home, libraries are still open across Stockport to support you. Call 0161 217 6009 to book a computer slot. Not sure where your nearest library is? Find yours here.

If you are lacking confidence online, or just need some extra support, there is plenty of support available.

Click here to find your local support centres.

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Stress Awareness Month April 2021

While a small amount of stress can help motivate us to do things, when it builds up to the point where we feel out of control or overwhelmed, it can damage our health, mood and relationships.  

By recognising the signs of stress in ourselves and others, we can start to tackle the causes and find ways to manage stress better.

Visit Every Mind Matters to find out more about stress and top tips to help you deal with it. Please also consider joining the 30-day challenge of the Stress Management Society and get in the habit of doing something each day in April for our physical, mental and emotional health.  This can help us manage stress in the long term.

Most importantly, try not to bottle things up.  Talking things through with friends or family can often help us see things from a different angle, and they might be able to help in other ways too. 

There are also local organisations and services in Stockport that can help if you are looking for some further support.

Green Bin Reminder

The council’s green bin collections will return to a weekly collection from w/c Monday, March 29.

Please use our online tool to find out your bin collection day here.

Your hard copy of the bin calendar that was issued in November 2020 shows the collections from Dec 2020 to Oct 2022, also shows the weekly green bin schedule.

Changes to Pharmacy opening times

Pharmacies in Stockport may have different opening hours than usual due to the Easter Bank Holidays (Friday 2 April - Monday 5 April).

Find your nearest pharmacy and its opening times here or on the NHS website.

Repeat prescriptions can be ordered online (through your GP website) or on the NHS app. 

Patients should only request a repeat prescription when they reach 7-10 days of remaining supply.

For urgent medical help, use the NHS 111 online service – only call 111 if you're unable to get help online.

In an emergency, always call 999.


Stockport remembers on National Day of Reflection

We would like to thank all residents who took part in Marie Curie’s National Day of Reflection. Held on Tuesday 23rd March to mark one year since the UK first went into lockdown, the Day of Reflection saw people from across the borough join together to remember those we have sadly lost due to the coronavirus pandemic.

All over Stockport, we observed a one-minute silence at 12 noon. To show our appreciation for the hard work of our fantastic key workers, Stockport Town Hall was bathed in eye-catching green and blue light, with the flag flown at half-mast as a mark of respect to those who have lost their lives. Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery was lit up in rainbow lights to honour the day of reflection.

On Monday 22nd March, you may have joined us at our virtual multi-faith event, where representatives from a number of organisations and faiths joined together to share prayers and reflect on the tough circumstances of the past year. If you missed it, you can catch up on the event with our edited live recording.

If you need bereavement support or just require extra an extra helping hand during this challenging time, there is plenty of resources available to you. Visit the council website to find out more or call the coronavirus helpline on 0161 217 6046.

The council also has an online book of condolences to allow you to pay your respect to loved ones lost due to Covid-19.

We’d like to thank everyone who participated in the Day of Reflection: it was a touching tribute to those we have lost and the sacrifices we have all made over the past year.

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Cut it back

Cut It Back

Residents responsible for hedges and trees that overhang roads or pavements in Stockport are being urged to ‘Cut It Back’ in a new campaign launched this week.

Stockport Council is often inundated with complaints from residents who are unable to use pavements due to overhanging trees and hedges.

The council says overgrown vegetation can force people – particularly wheelchair users and parents with pushchairs – into the road, putting their safety at risk.

Meanwhile, bushes and trees that overhang roads can cause a danger to motorists, especially to drivers of high-sided vehicles such as lorries or buses.

The ‘Cut It Back’ campaign, being promoted through the council’s social media channels, aims to raise awareness of the fact that maintenance of trees and hedges growing on private land is the responsibility of the property or landowner

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One Stockport Logo in a Window

Spring, Growth and Hope

Romiley Window Wanderland will turn the streets of Romiley into an art gallery as houses and local landmarks turn their windows  into a display which can be viewed from the streets. Window Wonderland is a Covid-safe way to connect people and bring joy to our communities.   

The installations can be seen across Romiley until 4 April. Visit the One Stockport website to find out more and to take part:

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Celebrate Pesach Safely


Wishing all our Jewish residents a happy and safe Passover from Saturday 27 March to Sunday 4 April. Chag Pesach sameach!

While you will have to stay at home to celebrate among your household and support bubbles this Saturday and Sunday (or with one person outside), from Monday 29 March you will be able to meet in groups of six or two households outdoors, including a private garden. However, remember that any additional mixing with people increases the chance of transmitting the virus, so please continue to maintain social distancing (two metres) and wash and sanitise your hands regularly.

If you are attending synagogue, you must not mingle with anyone outside of your household or support bubble. You should maintain strict social distancing at all times. You should follow the national guidance on the safe use of places of worship here.