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SEND Improvements Journey Newsletter

Introduction from John Gelder


Hi, I’m John Gelder and have been appointed as Operation Lead for EHCP’s in Stockport. I have a passion for working with children and young people of all ages to enable them to develop their skills and abilities to be whatever they aspire to be in the future. Having worked within special educational needs and disabilities for 2 different local authorities over the past 15 years I have a wide range of skills and experience that I hope to use to continue to support our SEND Improvement Journey. It is fantastic to see all the hard work that everyone has put into to developing our Co-Production Charter and the great work that took place during Co-Production week.

Whilst it is difficult to have imagined 12 months ago that the world as we know it would feel such a different place, with the challenges we have been presented with over the past few months and those yet to come, I have been overwhelmed by the welcome I have received here in Stockport. Although, it may be some time before I get to meet many of you face to face, I am looking forward to working with you over the next few weeks and months.

Kind regards,



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The SEND e-newsletter gives information and updates about what is new and being developed in the world of SEND and the Local Offer (website) in Stockport.

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We want to share this with as many parents/carers, professionals and organisations and see it as something that we can all collectively contribute to. With information being widely shared, there will be a collective understanding of what there is out there to support children & young people with SEND and their families.

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new lo

The new Stockport SEND Local Offer will be live on Monday 3rd August.

The new look of the Stockport SEND Local Offer website will be live on Monday 3rd August! The Local Offer brings together a range of advice, information and support services for children and young people (aged 0-25) with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), their families and professionals.

The new look website has been co-designed with parents/carers, young people and colleagues from Education, Health and Care organisations and has been through public testing to get to its new look. We are very excited to have a Local Offer website that will be much more accessible.

Face Mask Exemption Card

From Friday 24th July, the Government has set out a list of face covering exemptions, as they are mandatory in additional enclosed spaces.

People are not required to prove they are exempt and it is for individuals to choose how they would want to communicate this to others. For those who would feel more comfortable showing something that says they do not have to wear a face covering, exemption cards are available to print or display on mobile phones from


Videos for People with Learning Disabilities regarding Coronavirus

There are a range of videos for people with learning disabilities to help understand the changes that are happening in the community because of Coronavirus like social distancing, wearing gloves and face masks, getting swab tests, and social isolation. It may also help to watch the videos “Explaining Social Distancing for People with Learning Disabilities”, “I Think I Have Coronavirus”, “Getting a Swab Test”, and “How Shops are Different”.

The overall playlist can be found at:

The A Team Covid Ambassadors 

The A Team is a group of peer trainers based at the Learning Disability Resource Centre in Stockport. The A-Team have been working on their wellbeing journey stories to share as well as developing their COVID Ambassadors roles so that they can be aware of how to support other people to return to key services. The A Team are a group of learning disabled and/or autistic adults that meet every Wednesday morning at Stockport learning Disability Resource Centre.

Together they are strong advocates for themselves and support others to understand and contribute to the future of learning disability services in Stockport and represent SMBC adult social care across Greater Manchester events. They are a peer support group and share training to support others, participate in local and national consultation and make sure everyone’s voice is heard.

They’ve had great fun whilst doing the important job of sharing ideas on staying safe whilst being sociable.

Please share some of their tips below.


the a team

did you know

Join our network of SEND champions


•We are a fun, passionate group of Parents, Carers and Professionals.

•We talk about our lived experiences, and use that to help improve SEND Services within Stockport.

•We listen to each other and support each other.

•We work Co-Productively with others – EVERYONE IS EQUAL!

•The best advice and support is from each other, as we all understand what its like.


We are currently exploring how we can work well together with our schools to improve support for children and young people with SEND. We are also looking at the Outcomes we want to achieve for children and young people and how we know when we get it right.

It is never too late to join! Please email us at and we can chat about it with you! It might seem scary joining new groups by yourself but you never know, you could meet a friend for life! 

Monthly infographic on our SEND Improvement Journey

Here is a snapshot of information which details some of our achievements in June. We took this to the SEND Board in July, so that Senior Leaders at the Council, as well as partners who also sit on the Board, can see all the great things going on. Our plan is to put one of these together each month to measure our engagement. We want our presence on social media, website visits to the Local Offer, SEND champions etc to increase each month!

Please get involved with our SEND online community:

Let's make SEND everybody's business!

june send improv

SEND e-learning

The SEND e-Learning course is a useful tool for parent/carers and anyone interested in developing their knowledge and understanding of SEND. The course is accessed via Learning Pool, which is the home of the council’s e-learning courses and is available free of charge. If you do not already have access to Learning Pool, then please click here for further guidance and support.

If you have taken part in the SEND e-learning, then please let us know what you think of it. Email us at

send e-learning

Stockport Action Youth Speakers (SAYS)

What we do

We're a group of like-minded children and young people between 13-25 years who have special educational needs and disabilities. We live or receive services in Stockport and want to ensure that services and provision meet the needs of children and young people. We offer a safe place for young people to share their views and experiences of services to strategic leaders.

Our role is to ensure their views/experiences are listened to and fed into the design, development, delivery and review of Stockport Services. We work in partnership with Stockport’s Education, Health, Social care and local SEND organisations. 

If you want to join us, please email us


Stockport Youth Council

What we do

We're a group of young people who aim to represent the voice of young people in Stockport. We work with local schools, youth groups and forums and Stockport Council to make sure that young people and their views are heard.

We take part in activities that scrutinise the work of Stockport Council. We also have opportunities to take part in regional and national events, such as the National Youth Parliament.

You can read our newsletter here

Whilst we cannot physically meet, we do come together every week via Zoom.If you want to join us, please email Steve Davies


copro week

National co-production week has been celebrated for 5 years and this year, Stockport gotinvolved.  It gave us a great opportunity to share and raise awareness of good practice across our services and take the opportunity to learn from each other. 

We kick-started a schedule of activities starting with a webinar to launch Stockport’s Co-production Charter which sets out principles of how we will work together to co-produce service design and delivery. This was developed as part of our work for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and their families, but applies equally to the work we all do. There were a number of webinars that took place throughout the week which colleagues from across organisations in Stockport have co-delivered to discuss what meaningful co-production can look like. 

If you missed any webinar, you can view them here:


copro charter

Stockport co-production charter

In Stockport, our vision is for all children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) to have the best start in life. We want all children and young people to be happy, prepared for adulthood and able to achieve their goals. We want families to feel supported, confident, resilient and connected to their community.

To strengthen our co-production locally, and in response to an area of weakness identified during our Local Area Inspection in September 2018, a local, working definition of co-production was developed by parents, carers, education, health and social care colleagues and young people. Stockport’s definition is:

“Co-production happens when all voices are actively listened to from the start of the planning process.  This involves a mutual respect for each other’s views, with an open and honest relationship that is transparent and continually evolving to achieve meaningful and positive outcomes”.

Stockport’s Local Area Co-Production Charter has been co-produced with families, children, young people and health, care and education colleagues. The Charter is about the way we will all work together to create a culture where we will all:

·         Be Open and Honest

·         Actively Listen

·         Value the Lived Experience

·         Do What Matters

·         Be Accountable and Responsive

·         Work Together

·         Be Respectful

copro week

Upcoming webinars


Transitions without tears- 2020 and the new normal

About this event

This webinar will give you strategies and tools to help manage transitions.

2020 has been a year of massive upheaval and stress for everyone with changes we have never lived through before. How can we use the best of our skills, abilities and knowledge of those we love to help us all get into new classes, new schools, new universities, new homes and a new reality in a way that builds our skills and strengths so we can cope with change better in an uncertain future?

Thu, 06 August 2020


Book here

pacts logo

Being active in Stockport, coming out of lockdown, accessing community provision

About this Event

This webinar will explore the benefits of being active, why activity is important in our everyday life and what is happening in Stockport to build back activity into our everyday lives. We want to hear your 'lived experiences' of being active during COVID and what you want and need as we come out of lockdown and access clubs, sport, leisure and community provision again.

Thu, 06 August 2020


Book here

autistic girls

The Amazing Strengths of Autistic Girls

About this event

Staying unsupported can have severe effects on their mental health and life prospects.

How does this happen, why does it matter, and how can understanding change everything? Whether this describes you, someone you love, or someone you support, this session will help you to understand and make a difference.

Thu, 20 August 2020


Book here

max card


The Max Card is the UK’s leading discount card for foster families and families of children with additional needs. Families can use their Max Card at venues across the UK to get free or discounted admission.

The Max Cards are available to parents/carers and foster carers. Email for more information or visit our website to download a membership form

Autism and disability friendly reading group

autism re

The words you speak can become the house you live in

It is important to recognise that there is a positive intention behind every negative thought. Your inner voice is being negative because it wants to help you in some way. By finding that positive intention behind the thought, you can work with your mind to find a positive reframe.

You are all amazing parents/carers, professionals and people. Don't be hard on yourself!

healthy self

star awards