PEP Bulletin w/c 8 June 2020

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Portsmouth Education Partnership

PEP Bulletin

12 June 2020

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Curriculum and CPD

NQT summer term workshop update

In order to ensure continued support for NQTs, the planned workshops on 25 June 2020 about early leadership will still take place...but virtually! Please register on the Portsmouth Teaching School Alliance website as usual. The charges for this course will be halved in recognition of this course moving online.

Please contact if you have any questions.

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Update on statutory PSHE requirements from September 2020

The Department for Education have issued an update on the introduction of statutory relationships education, RSE and health education from September.

The statutory requirement to provide these aspects of PSHE education is still in place from September 2020, and schools should continue to prepare for this date where possible. However, due to the closures associated with coronavirus, schools who are not in a position to implement fully from September now have until summer term 2021 to do so.

Read the full DfE update here.

Summer reading challenge 2020: Silly Squad

Portsmouth Library Service are keen to work with schools to support children to keep reading while they are closed to the majority of pupils. This has also been extended to the school holiday period as well.

The annual summer reading challenge has significantly more online content this year. For the first time, children can set their own reading targets, though six is still recommended.
Both public and school library services have a comprehensive offer of eBooks which can support those children taking part in the online challenge.

For further information contact

Full details

Supporting practical science and technology in schools

CLEAPSS have recently published guidance on practical design and technology and science work in partially reopened schools. Click the links below to view the guidance:

CLEAPSS advice during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has also been published. Read it here.

Emotional health and wellbeing

Energise Me resources to encourage active lives

Energise Me

Energise Me is a Hampshire based charity that exists to beat inactivity. We're committed to unlocking opportunities for people of all ages. Our mission is to change lives through physical activity and sport, inspiring people to adopt active lifestyles that make our communities happier, healthier and stronger.

As part of our work we support schools across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight to encourage and promote active home lives to boost children’s health and wellbeing and their ability to learn and engage in school. As some students continue to be home-schooled, it is more important than ever to support and encourage an active lifestyle. There are so many free and interesting activities for young people and families to try, to support daily physical activity.

Visit our website to find out more and download our Active Home resource sheet.

For further information please contact

Place2Be resources for primary schools

Place2Be have created a selection of assembly ideas and class-based activities for primary schools to support school communities as they come back together.

Place2Be is a charity working with schools to improve the emotional wellbeing of children.

Download resources


Srebrenica Memorial Week 2020

This year’s Srebrenica Memorial Week will take place from 5-12 July. Communities across the UK will commemorate the 25th anniversary of the genocide, where over 8,000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys were murdered, simply because of their faith.  

To find out more, visit the Remembering Srebrenica website. There is an education zone on the website which features free resources for primary and secondary schools.

Safe4me news update


The latest Safe4me news e-bulletin from the Hampshire Police Education Partnership Team is now available. This issue includes information about new content added to the Safe4me COVID-19: supporting education and safeguarding children webpage. The e-bulletin also contains useful links, articles and resources from other partner organisations.

View update

Safe travel to school

Government guidance states that if people cannot work from home and have to travel for work, they should first consider cycling, walking or driving. Parents working from home, or considering an alternative to driving, could choose walking or cycling to travel to school.

Walking and cycling can have a positive effect on parents' and children's physical and mental health. Walking encourages conversation, creating an opportunity to talk about road safety and social distancing. Plus, leaving the car at home helps to keep our air cleaner.

The government website has a set of communication assets which may be useful for schools communicating with parents/carers and children. You could also include links to encourage active travel including these videos from Sustrans - Walking safety tips, 9 reasons.

Or you can use Portsmouth City Council's social media posts, available here.

Thoughts shared by children and young people about the current situation

Southend Educational Psychology Service recently undertook a survey seeking the views of children and young people during the COVID-19 outbreak. The service spoke with those who are attending school and those who are still at home. The results of the survey were presented back to young people through a webinar titled 'What you told us: thoughts shared by children and young people about the current situation and next steps, with Southend EPS.'

A recording of the full webinar is available to watch on YouTube here.

Alongside Southend Educational Psychology Service's survey, Dynamite Portsmouth spoke to young people in Portsmouth with special educational needs and/or disabilities about how they are finding lockdown. Themes were raised around issues with neighbours, whether other young people would adhere to social distancing on return to school/work, and socialising being important for mental health. Comments included:

“I’m so excited to go back to work, miss routine of it.”

"Think I’m finding it ok, sometimes find it hard getting college instructions online, sometimes you have to be there to understand it.”

LA updates

Update on the vision and hearing team

An update on the vision and hearing team is available to read here. This outlines the support for schools being provided by the team at this time, along with contact details.

Education Information Services summer 2020 support

With the situation rapidly changing, Education Information Services have provided an update on the support available to schools. Read the update here.

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) wellbeing resource for schools

Portsmouth City Council's Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) are providing free access to four online modules to help manage and improve our emotional wellbeing:

  • Space from stress
  • Space for resilience
  • Space for sleep
  • Space from COVID-19

Further details of the modules can be found here.

Please note: this resource is only available for schools signed up to the Employee Assistance Programme traded service.

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