Licence holders: be proactive, not reactive

Licence holders: be proactive, not reactive

Traffic Commissioner for Scotland says operators must achieve day in day out compliance with safety standards


Keeping vehicles roadworthy, adhering to the drivers’ hours rules and complying with licence undertakings. 

These are the “non-negotiable” commitments of operator licensing. 

They’ve been put in place to keep the roads safe and promote fair competition in the commercial vehicle industry.

Complying with the rules is not a selection box exercise, as Traffic Commissioner Joan Aitken recently warned a haulier at public inquiry.

She said that vehicle operators can only survive if they have an operator’s licence. Vehicle, driver and licensing standards should be continually met, otherwise the licence is at risk.

Miss Aitken added that operators should embrace the regulations positively.

The public inquiry concluded with the company’s licence being curtailed – with the loss of seven vehicles initially, for three months.