Coronavirus Latest Insights: 24/03/2022

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) latest insights

24 March 2022

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Welcome to Thursday's coronavirus (COVID-19) latest insights, a roundup of our analysis related to the pandemic.


The proportion of the population estimated to have antibodies against coronavirus (COVID-19) remains high in each UK nation and across all age groups. 

Our latest analysis of COVID-19 cases among school pupils finds that pupils of White British ethnicity were the most likely to report a positive coronavirus test. 

In the Autumn 2021 term, almost one-quarter of White British secondary school pupils (24.9%) reported a positive test. Among primary school pupils, those of White British ethnicity also had the largest percentage of their population reporting a positive test, at 16.6%. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) was the third-leading cause of death in England in February 2022, accounting for 5.6% of deaths. In Wales, COVID-19 was the sixth-leading cause of death, accounting for 4.4% of all deaths.

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