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NKDC Covid-19 Grants Overview

We are pleased to announce that since the start of the financial support package in March 2020, we've distributed £38,197,458 through 7565 Covid-19 business grants payments supporting 2232 unique businesses.

All Covid-19 funding grants have now closed and we no longer hold any government funding for these grants. We therefore ask that businesses no longer contact the Council in relation to funding. If your business requires support going forward, please contact the Economic Development Team or our Business Support Adviser Phil Means.

All discretionary funds that the council received have now been fully allocated and administered. For more information about the funding schemes that have been administered please visit the Business NK website.

The Grants Team have worked tirelessly to ensure these funds reach the businesses in need as quickly as possible, at the height of the pandemic the Grants Team were administering up to 10 different grant schemes. We would like to take this opportunity to thank local businesses for their cooperation in helping us achieve this.

Becoming Cycle Friendly

We're proud to be part of the ‘Cycle Friendly Charter’ that Visit Lincoln launched earlier this year, to help businesses gain an understanding of how to make their business more appealing to the cycling market and benefit from the growing audience.

The Charter outlines services that should be offered to achieve Cycle Friendly status such as secure bike storage facilities and access to a first aid kit, puncture repair kit and water to re-fill bottles.

The free online course is open to all businesses in Lincolnshire and takes approximately 90 minutes to complete. Once businesses have completed the course, they will be gifted a plaque to display in their establishment, feature as a highlight on, receive a digital badge to use online and receive printed literature to showcase they are ‘Cycle Friendly’. The course can be found here.

New law to resolve remaining COVID-19 commercial rent debts is now in place

A new law is now in place to help resolve certain remaining commercial rent debts, this has come into effect to provide a legally binding arbitration process to resolve certain outstanding commercial rent debts related to the pandemic.

Commercial landlords and tenants are encouraged to negotiate agreements using the Code of Practice, if they cannot agree, the new binding arbitration system can be used as a last resort for eligible businesses. Further information is available here.

Free support for North Kesteven businesses

The Council offers the service of a Business Support Adviser, Phil Means. Phil can assist businesses and provide bespoke advice and support.

If you are in business and feel you could benefit from free business advice please contact him. Either call Phil on 07920 472671 or email

Is your business on social media?

If so, join our Business NK group here or follow us on twitter. We share information, support and advice on each platform.

Webinar for the weeks ahead

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06/04/2022 10:00-11:30 Helping Businesses to Embrace Sustainability

06/04/2022 - 14/04/2022 09:30-15:30 NBV | Starting in Business programme | Online

13/04/2022 - 20/04/2022 08:00-09:00 Manufacturing Breakfast Event

13/04/2022 - 14/04/2022 09:30-16:30 Raise Equity Funding within 6 Months