Christmas Waste and Recycling collections #1

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Recycle more this Christmas

Recycling & Waste Collections - Dates for Christmas

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Helping you to Recycle More this Christmas

We all know the amount of waste that Christmas brings so it's important that we get rid of it correctly and responsibly - this means reducing, reusing and recycling where we can.

We will be sending out a few bulletins over December as a helpful guide on what to do when disposing of some of the more tricky items you might have this Christmas...

Advent calendars

Close up of open advent calendar window

The most common type of Advent Calendar is the chocolate style.

To recycle these, simply open it up, and remove the plastic insert.

The cardboard outer sleeve can go in your brown bag (if it has no glitter on it), the plastic insert and any scrunched up silver foil can go in your green/black recycling box.

Wrapping paper 

Rolls of Christmas wrapping paper and ribbon

Sadly, as most wrapping paper is covered in sticky tape and it is usually shiny or glittery, this makes it very hard to recycle. 

However, if you have chosen to use brown paper this year, that can go to your local recycling centre. Please remember to remove the tags and sticky tape!

Find your local recycling centre

Christmas cards

Christmas card and 4 baubles on a table

Christmas cards which have shiny foil or glitter on them can't be recycled. Some places like charity shops collect them so keep an eye out for anywhere asking for them. Another idea is to cut them up and make your own next year instead of buying them!

Otherwise, they should go into your general waste black bin.

The good news is that any plain cards (no glitter, no shiny foil) can be taken to your local recycling centre. 

Find your local recycling centre

Sweet/chocolate tubs

Heroes - no background

Luckily most sweet/chocolate tubs are made from plastic which can go into your recycling box.

Or they can be reused as storage tubs for any manner of household items. Just don't be disappointed when you reach for a chocolate and find out the tin is now full of felt tip pens!

Cardboard boxes with plastic film windows

Box with a plastic window

Plastic film can't be accepted in your recycling at the moment, but the cardboard can.

Rip out the plastic and put it in the general waste bin and the remaining cardboard can go in your brown bag.

Please ensure there is no glitter or foil on the carboard, if there is, it will have to go in your black general waste bin. 

Aluminium trays and foil packaging

Mince Pies on a plate

Aluminium foil can be scrunched up and put into your recycling box.

So all those little foil cases that mince pies come in or the foil you put over your turkey can be recycled!


A pile of unbranded batteries

We no longer collect batteries in your kerbside recycling box however they are still accepted at recycling centres or at some supermarkets. 

Tetra Pak and cartons

a large and a small orange juice carton next to a glass of juice

Tetra Paks are made up of a number of components which are layered: paperboard (made from wood), polyethylene (a type of plastic) and a plastic cap. Currently these are not accepted in your kerbside recycling service, but they can be recycled at your local recycling centre in one of their special collection banks.

Find your local recycling centre

Tubes and packets


Tubes (such as Pringles, gravy granules, hot chocolate etc.) are a mixture of paper, plastic and metal which means we cannot recycle them on your kerbside collection however the good news is that recycling centres take them instead! Simply place them in the carton/Tetra Pak container. 

Find your local recycling centre


Crisp packets also cannot be recycled on your kerbside collection however many local supermarkets take them. Visit Recycle More to find out which supermarkets take them!

Medicine packets 

medicine packet

Did you know Superdrug take medicine packets as part of their recycling scheme? 

Simply take in your empty packets and place it in their recycling box which you will find instore! 

For more information on this scheme visit their website.

Useful links

Recycling symbol set out in holly leaves

Did you know that we have a useful Recycling A-Z on our website? 

If you are looking for something and it is not listed, please let us know so we can add it.

Recycling A-Z

Recycle Devon Logo

Recycle Devon have also got a huge range of helpful information on their website, including: 

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Keep your eyes peeled for our next handy bulletin which we will be dropping into your inbox very soon!