PH Bulletin - July 2019

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19 July 2019



Dealing with media enquiries

There are new arrangements in place for dealing will all media enquiries and they will managed centrally. The Communications Team have been asked to send all enquiries to Sally Newby who will draft a response for Louise's approval.

All issued responses will be kept centrally so that there is a record we can use for similar enquiries.


On Monday Cabinet approved the Healthy Ageing Campaign 2019-20

The Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, Public Health & Prevention stated that the key aim was to keep people healthy for longer, which fitted with the Healthy Living and Promoting Independence priority, and which could mean they were in better health and needed less intervention from Adult Social Care.  Evidence had shown that feeling better would lead to a better quality of life.

The campaign would be carried out by Public Health working closely with the Communications team, with support from a collaboration of Partners and stakeholders, including Active Norfolk and key community groups in local areas.

For a copy of the report go to Q:\1b. Delivery\2. Members\1a NEW\Cabinet\July 15th\Final


People and Communities Select Committee

On Friday the Select Committee will consider recommending to cabinet that Norfolk County Council becomes totally smoke-free.

In a press release we will say that:

“We have a duty of care to protect the health of and promote healthy behaviour among people who work for the Council. By making Norfolk County Council’s buildings and grounds totally smoke-free we’re aiming to improve people’s health and reducing smoking-related litter. Evidence suggests that smoking bans support smokers who are trying to quit as well as reducing overall consumption and we will support staff who smoke to access stop-smoking services if they feel ready to quit, including  switching to vaping to support their quit attempt.  Public Health England advise that vaping is 95% less harmful than tobacco smoking and doesn’t produce harmful second-hand smoke.”

The committee will also discuss how we give a renewed focus to tobacco control, including the appointment of a member champion and agreeing a policy declaration on tobacco control.

For a copy of the report go to Q:\1b. Delivery\2. Members\1a NEW\People & Communities\19 July\Final

Health and Wellbeing Board

The Health and Wellbeing Board in July focussed on the new Area Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) Strategy and the All-Age Autism Strategy ‘My Autism, Our Lives, Our Norfolk’, alongside the Norfolk and Waveney Adult Mental Health Strategy that was launched in March. 

Update following protests on Monday

The Business Continuity plan for remote working appeared to have gone well with minimal disruption. Sue Marshall is collating information from PH perspective. If you have any comments you would like to share, please let Sue know. 


Welcome back to Fiona Russell-Grant. It's lovely to be working with her again. We look forward to see Liz Barnett who is planning to come back in September..

Stephanie Tuvey

Stephanie Tuvey - Advanced Public Health Officer

I recently joined Public Health as an Advanced Public Health Officer for the Health and Wellbeing Board. I came from Healthwatch Norfolk where I worked for the past 5 years, as a Project Manager undertaking a wide range of targeted engagement and projects. This involved working with patients, service users, professionals and services gathering their views about Health and Social Care services across Norfolk. My role was to capture service users' voices to empower them and influence change and improvement across local services to benefit patient care. Most recently, I was involved in projects focussed on Autism, General Practice, Smoking in pregnancy and the NHS Long Term Plan. It is still early days in the start of my new role here, but I look forward to meeting everyone and getting to know you.

Vacancy: UEA Clinical Lecturer/Senior Lecturer or Reader in Primary Care or Public Health

The postholder will develop and lead research in the Norwich Medical School at the UEA. For more details see the outlook item in the bulletin folder


Practical Updates

smarter working

Smarter Working - hub

We need to be more flexible about when and where we work, and how we creatively use space and technology to find new and more effective ways of doing things in a modern and business-like way.   

To help explain more about Smarter Working the implementation team have just launched the ‘Smart Hub’ on iNet bringing together all the guidance you need in one place.

Take a look and discuss with your team how you can all maximise the range of options Smarter Working offers in terms of when and where we work.

The Smart Hub is in its infancy and will develop. If you have any thoughts about which areas you would like more information on regarding Smarter Working, please email the Smarter Working mailbox.

Here is a link to Smarter Working home page that you may wish to save as a favourite.

MS Teams

Welcome to Microsoft Teams  - Skype for Business Replacement

In August or September all staff will be able to benefit from using Microsoft Teams.

As part of the Smarter Working programme, Microsoft Teams will replace Skype for Business, but there’s no need to do anything right now. During July, Teams will be deployed to your device, and you will notice the Teams icon appear on your desktop.  In August, when we move to Teams, Skype will stop working, and will redirect you to Teams.  Until this point, please continue using Skype.  We will communicate again before the switch is made.

Microsoft Teams can do everything that Skype can, including sending and receiving instant messages and making internal calls. It also offers new collaborative tools, including file sharing and group messaging which will make working closely together even easier.

A number of staff are already using Skype for external calls and will continue to be able to do this using Microsoft Teams. If you do not currently use Skype for external calls, it will be rolled out to NCC in phases during 2019/20, replacing your desk phone.  IMT will work with you during this period to understand specific requirements you and your team have.

Once we have moved to Microsoft Teams, we suggest you dedicate some time to thinking about how the new collaborative functionality may be able to benefit your team.

We are developing bite-sized video guidance with some Teams early adopters and will circulate this before the move to Teams.

Skype phones and calls

Please be reminded that Skype for Business phones are not suitable to use over County Hall's wifi. Unlike your home wifi, County Hall's wifi does not have bandwidth to cover the number of users. Please ensure you are connected to network via a cable to avoid drops in connection for you and your caller.

As you maybe aware Microsoft Teams will replace SfB.later this month. It in unknown if the same problems with connectivity will occur. Watch this space. 

Upcoming Events

Mon 22 July @ 1pm - Lunch & Learn - Benefits of Sleep - Dan Todd - Rooms 1 & 2, Floor 3 

For detail of other upcoming events see the Event folder.