PH Bulletin - 14 May 2019

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14 May 2019


Leader appoints cabinet

Andrew Proctor has been re-elected as leader of Norfolk County Council and has formally appointed a new cabinet leadership team.

The council’s current service committees are replaced with:

*           A 10-member cabinet, which takes key decisions – the full council will continue to decide the annual budget

*           A scrutiny committee, to hold the administration to account

*           Three select committees – corporate, infrastructure and development and people and communities – to develop policy.

Cllr Proctor said: “I have put together a strong cabinet team, to ensure clear and robust leadership to deliver the most efficient and effective services for the people of Norfolk.

"In addition, this will enable us to move forward with strong, accountable decision making and drive the transformation programmes we have in place to deliver these services.

"We will continue to work better together with all our partners across the county, to grow the economy, create jobs and promote Norfolk.“

On 7th May Council agreed the membership of Council committees. Shelagh Gurney was appointed as the chair of the People and Communities Select Committee and Barry Stone to Infrastructure and Development.

Read the full story in the bulletin folder. It also includes a full list of the committee appointments.  

Seized cigarettes

Local Member Protocol - Joint Trading Standards, HMRC and Police operation at off-licences in Thetford

Three off-licences in Thetford town centre were visited on 30 April 2019 as part of a joint operation between Trading Standards, HMRC and Norfolk Police. In one shop, 15,920 cigarettes, 1.1kg of hand rolling tobacco and a BMW car were seized by HMRC. The illegal tobacco products were found by officers in a holdall in the shop and in a vehicle parked at the rear of the premises. In a second shop, a small quantity of cigarettes were seized, having been hidden in a freezer by a member of staff. Enquires are ongoing by HMRC.

Trading Standards will be applying for a review of the Premises Licence at the store where the large seizure was made. A Premises Licence is required in order for a business to sell alcohol. The businesses were also provided with advice around responsible alcohol sales including not selling to intoxicated persons, street drinkers and underage children.

Read more of story in the bulletin folder


Mobile phone Detection Campaign

During the Easter week there was a national police campaign "Operation Ringtone" to clamp down on phone use at the wheel. Norfolk County Council have been testing a mobile phone detection system and Iain and Diane provided radio interviews on the top stories for Radio 4's You & Yours on 12 April and Radio Norfolk's Nick Conrad' show on 17 April.

Hear copies of the features in the bulletin folder. Iain can be heard on You & Yours. The Nick Conrad show feature is called Operation Ringtone and is in 3 parts due to the large file sizes. Iain also makes an appearance on Operation Ringtone 2 and Diane's interview is in Operation Ringtone 3 from 1.05 min to 6.05 min.

Darren Eadie

Spotlight on diabetes & Menkind

Our very own men’s health ambassador Darren Eadie appeared on Anglia TV, 23 April 2019, as part of our Menkind campaign promoting men’s health issues to 40-74 year olds in the county.

This month the theme is all about diabetes. It’s estimated that almost 70,000 people have diabetes in Norfolk and this number is on the increase.

You can read Darren’s latest blog here all about the condition and watch the video clip to see how Darren got on being tested for diabetes at his local GP practice.

Professor Ketan Dhatariya spoke very well in the feature and we had a good level of engagement on the Facebook live piece following the show. Next month’s Anglia TV feature will run during Mental Health week (13-19 May) and Jonathan Wills will be interviewing Leon McKenzie (former NCC footballer and suicide survivor) together with Darren. 

SMT Meeting Updates

The April meeting of SMT approved:

The 2019-20 overall budget and work programme for Suicide Prevention.

The extension to the Healthy Child Programme conditional upon continued good performance and agreement on savings plans.

The extension to the Integrated Contraception and Sexual Health Service (ICaSH) conditional upon continued good performance, plans to reduce clinic costs and savings plans.

Healthy Lifestyles vision and aims.


Health issues highlighted on new website

A snapshot of the key health issues facing Norfolk is available on a new-look website.

Statistics on life expectancy, smoking and other key issues are included on

Louise said: “This easy to use website gives you all the information you need on the county’s health. It helps the council and its partners identify trends and issues and then develop the right information campaigns, support and services to tackle them.”

Find out more


Complete Our Voice Our council Staff Survey by 9am on Monday 20 May

Here is a quick reminder if you haven't completed the staff survey.

It is really important that we give you an opportunity to let us know what you think – and that the organisation then considers how best to respond to this feedback. Can I encourage you to complete this survey, so that we can better understand what is important to you and those areas where we can make the biggest difference. Staff, managers and UNISON have been involved in its development. The survey’s welcome page explains how to complete the survey and when the results will be reported. 

Please click on the link below to complete the survey:

If you manage staff without a work email address, they will have a choice between using a QR code on their mobile or tablet or an external website address. If they chose to use the external website address, they will access the survey with a one-off username and password. These details will be forwarded from within your services.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.

Norwich Castle Christmas

Plan your Christmas break early

With the majority of holiday leave years running April to March, we would like to confirm arrangements early for Christmas 2019 so that you can plan your leave for the coming year. Find out more

New Starters

You may have seen a few new faces in the team amongst the desk moves and a few more will joining us. We would like to welcome;

Hannah Shah (HWB Policy Manager)

Stephanie Tovey (HWB APHO)

Hannah Clarke (PHO) – Martin Seymour’s team

Peter Metcalf (PHO/Analyst) – Sally Hughes’s team

Sarah Weir (Specialist Registrar)

Daniel Todd (FY2)

Joanna Lettin (GP)

Beverley Alden, Violence Protection Coordinator working with the Community Safety team. 

Resilience training courses

More dates for Resilience training has been added to the Learning Hub and we want to take this opportunity to encourage you to take one most useful to you.  

Business Continuity for Managers (suitable for Resilience representatives and resilience management board members if you haven’t attended in the last 5 years, and all managers, those that own a plan, or need to have a more detailed understanding of BC)

Managing Emergencies for NCC (suitable for Resilience representatives, resilience management board members, all managers, staff that need to have an understanding of how NCC responds to emergencies)

Loggist training (suitable for all Business Support staff, and other staff that may be asked to log actions in an incident)

Please contact Emma Tipple if you have any queries.

Manual Handling

For people who need to manual handle items as part of their role please ensure you have completed the Manual Handling course which can be found in Learning Hub.

Practical Updates

Screen Sharing

Screen sharing with rooms that have screens    

Ever had a problem with presentations. When HDMI is a problem in rooms with LCD screen, go source of the screen and select the screen mirroring.

On the laptop, go to settings – this is the cog icon above the power icon. Select system> display and scroll down to

Connect to a wireless display

On the right hand-side menu saying Connect will appear with a list of devices. Select the device with the same name as that on the screen.

Wait as it connects to the device. once connected use as any other external screen.

Ensure your display settings are set up for duplicate screens if you are presenting.

Problem connecting - check that you have not connected to the device before. Go into Settings or home if all ready in Settings, devices. Below Bluetooth, look for the device and select forget device. Then reconnect and it should work.

If you are in the Conference Room there is no need to select screen sharing.

Please note: Screen sharing only works with Windows 10 machines.

Recent change to Skype for Business

Don't forget there has been a recent change to SfB. The anonymous call functionality has been removed allowing recipients of calls to see your number displayed. Should you require your call to be anonymous please follow the instructions in the email sent recently.

The email can be found in the bulletin folder. 

SfB via Wifi

Please avoid using SfB over the Wifi at County Hall. The Wifi is currently not able to cope with the demand of voice or video due to its poor upload speeds. You might be able to hear your caller at County Hall but your caller will not be able to hear you. Please use network connection whenever possible.  

Just One Norfolk update

Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust have informed us of the following;

In November last year we launched to become the new go to resources for children and young people's health advice in Norfolk. We have been delighted with the uptake, every week the website has gone from strength to strength sailing past our target for 100,000 hits in less than 6 months. We are sharing this update with people in the Norfolk community who might be interested in the latest update.


Upcoming Events

New events added to the Events folder

23 May - PHE launch of Health Matters on 'Prevention – A Life Course Approach' - Free Teleconference

19 June - Effectively Implementing the Civil Society Strategy

20 June - Implementing Continuous Improvement Strategies

10 July - Confident Communication for Women in the Workplace

18 September Why Sports 2019 Conference

26 September - Mental Health 2019 - Achieving the five year forward plan - Duncan Selbie confirmed to speak

1 & 8 October - PABBS evidence-based suicide bereavement training

30 April 2020 - Health and Inactivity Conference

Check \\\nccdfs1\PublicHealth\1a. Administration\4. Communication\PH Bulletin\2019\Events for details and the full list of events.