Domestic Abuse Newsletter June 2018 Issue 36


  June 2018 ** Issue Number 36

Upcoming Training and Network Events

Upcoming Courses for Health and Education

9th & 10th July  - Lecture Theatre, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kings Lynn

16th & 23rd July - Great Yarmouth Town Hall,

22nd & 29th August - Broadland District Council – Thorpe Lodge, Norwich/Broadland

19th September & 3rd October - The Willow Centre, Cringleford

2nd & 10th October - Swaffham Community Centre

6th & 13th November - Breckland Council Committee Suite, Dereham

20th & 27th November - South Norfolk Council, Long Stratton

Final DASH Refresher Workshop

Over the past 6 months we have had just under 100 champions attend our DASH refresher courses. We now have one refresher left, in Kings Lynn. The course is for professionals who have completed their champions training, and would like to revisit the DASH and refresh their knowledge.

September 10th 9:30-12:30pm at West Norfolk Deaf Association Office, 32B Railway Road, Kings Lynn  PE30 1NF 

Please contact us on the email address below to book a place *all training is free*

Our Contact Details:

Christen Williams - North, East and Broadland


Zoe Harding - Breckland and West


Paula DeVaux - City


Tabatha Breame – South Norfolk



Email address:

Follow us on Twitter: @DACoordinators

Local News

The Puppet Theatre - Refuge Women


On July 14th The Puppet Theatre will be hosting a play called Refuge Women. It's based on the story of Cash, whose been to 13 refuges over a 16 year period. It is darkly humorous and gives an insight into life in a refuge. 

There will be a talk after the play by Tom Bristow and experts, discussing funding cuts to refuges across the UK. This information was gathered from a long term study by The Bureau of Investigative Journalism. There will also be a charitable collection for Leeway. Tickets are £5 - £20. 

For more information and to book tickets, click here. 

The Newby Trust Grant

Newby Trust

The Newby Trust is a charitable trust which provides grants to organisations on behalf of service users. The grants are available for victims/survivors of domestic abuse and can provide up to £250. This could be particularly useful if you are working with someone who has recently fled a relationship and in need of financial assistant. Applications must be made by an eligible organisation. 

For more information click here. 

Victory Housing sign Make a Stand Campaign

Victory Housing

We are very pleased to see that Victory Housing, who manage over 5,000 homes in the county have signed up to Make a Stand Campaign. The Campaign was launched by the Chartered Institute of Housing in partnership with Women’s Aid and the Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance. It aims to put in place a policy to better support victims of abuse. Victory Housing have many DA Champions in their organisation, and often allow us to host training sessions. A big thank you to them! 

For more information on Make a Stand Campaign click here

Norfolk Constabulary urge Football Fans to have a safe World Cup


As the 2018 World Cup kicks off, Norfolk Police are urging football fans to enjoy the matches, behave appropriately and respect others.

Officers want everyone to be safe and enjoy the tournament, but are aware an increased amount of alcohol and intensified emotions can sometimes lead to an increase in public order offences and domestic abuse.

Police will be visiting licensed premises in Norfolk to reinforce expectations around behaviour and the responsibilities of the licensee. 

A series of posters are being made available for any premises wishing to display them covering domestic abuse, public order offences and hate crime.

Read more and access the posters here.

SafeLives - Beacon Project Update


Many of you may be aware of the Beacon Project that SafeLives have been working on with the members of the Norfolk County community Safety Partnership.  

As part of that work, they have commissioned Spurgeons Childrens Charity to pilot responses to domestic abuse in Norwich.  The piloted interventions will complement existing support and services for families affected by domestic abuse and Spurgeons have a strong commitment to work in partnership with our important and valuable local services to provide an integrated response for individuals and the whole family.  

The pilot will also include training and guidance for professionals, enhancing skills and encouraging agencies to work together to create a culture of engagement with the people and communities they serve, building on the work of the Domestic Abuse Coordinators. Contact for further information.

University of East Anglia research study - Male Victims/Survivors 


The UEA are researching personal experiences of men who have endured domestic abuse from female partners. If you would like to share your experiences please get in touch by text or phone: 07983 934867

All conversations will be confidential

National News

Briefing from End Violence Against Women


The ‘hostile environment’ immigration policy is being used by abusive men to threaten and control women, and the Government’s focus on immigration enforcement over support is trapping too many women in violent situations – say women’s groups who launched a new briefing and press MPs on the matter at an event in Parliament on May 2nd.

The briefing, ‘Women Living in a Hostile Environment’, shows that many women are so fearful of deportation that they do not report crimes of sexual and domestic violence to the police, or seek support to escape the abuse, despite being entitled to protection.

Read more here.

Husband jailed for "beating wife, and locking her indoors"


A husband who regularly beat his wife and kept her locked indoors during their 16-year marriage has been jailed. Aziz Rehman, 47, would only allow partner Zeenit Bibi to leave their home in Collingbourne Avenue, Hodge Hill, Birmingham when on the school run.

He would wedge twigs in the front door whenever he went out so he could tell if she had left the house. Rehman was sentenced at Birmingham Crown Court on Tuesday to three years and nine months in prison.

Read more here

Love Island's Adam Collard has been accused of emotional abuse

love island

Women’s Aid Chief Executive Katie Ghose has spoken out on Adam’s behaviour on the show, branding it "unhealthy".

"On the latest series of Love Island, there are clear warning signs in Adam’s behaviour," she said. "In a relationship, a partner questioning your memory of events, trivialising your thoughts or feelings, and turning things around to blame you can be part of pattern of gaslighting and emotional abuse. 

In Adam’s case the behaviour came after he lost interest in the woman he had spent 10 days pursuing, and found himself drawn to newcomer Zara. Rather than admit he was a flighty, he proceeded to dismiss and ignore Rosie, repeatedly accusing her of being crazy in an attempt to turn the tables. He finally cemented her heartbreak during a row, delivering the blows with a self-satisfied smirk, cruel eye-rolling. 

Read more here.

And here. 

What is Gaslighting?

  • Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation and abuse that makes people question their own memory, perception, and sanity
  • The term comes from a 1938 stage play Gas Light in which a husband attempts to convince his wife and others that she is insane - when he dims the gas lights, he insists she's imagining it
  • There are three stages to gaslighting in a relationship: idealisation, devaluation and discard
  • In the idealisation stage the victim is whisked off their feet as the gaslighter projects an image of themselves as the perfect mate
  • The devaluation stage hits hard: the victim goes from being adored to being incapable of doing anything right, but having tasted the ideal they are desperate to put things right
  • Then comes the discard stage where the victim is dropped, ready for the next one - this often happens simultaneously with the idealisation, or grooming, of the next victim

Read full article here.

Jordon Stevens, one half of duo Rizzle Kicks speaks about Toxic Masculinity


DACC’s were inspired when hearing Jordon talk profoundly about his experience of toxic masculinity at WOW Festival in Norwich in April this year.

Jordon talks at the Festival around the UK since he wrote an article in The Guardian last year.

 “For men in particular, when the patriarchy says that it’s OK to grab a woman’s ass, or tell her what to do, or watch too much porn or deny her space – and you accept this as a way of treating another human being – you deny yourself the opportunity to understand why you desired that comfort of power in the first place. The ego wants dominance and control. And the male ego is currently everywhere.

As far as I can see, this toxic notion of masculinity is being championed by men who are so terrified of confronting any trauma experienced as children that they choose to project that torture on to the lives of others rather than themselves.” 

Read the full article here.

Supporting Students at University


Suzy Lambert Trust are asking university students of experiences of unwanted behaviour. Their survey will help inform how universities tackle unwanted attention, such as harassment and help tackle these issues. If you have experienced unwanted behaviour, and are prepared to share this, please follow the link below. All responses are anonymous. 

Access the survey here.

Universal Credit putting victims "at further risk"


Reforms to the welfare system could increase women’s vulnerability to financial abuse, a new report has argued.

The report finds that Universal Credit could put women experiencing domestic abuse at further risk as payments are made to one bank account rather than to individuals.

Universal Credit and Financial Abuse: Exploring the links, published by the Women’s Budget Group, Surviving Economic Abuse and the End Violence Against Women Coalition, says separate payments can provide a lifeline to survivors of domestic abuse. 

Read the full article here

Horrific reality of Domestic Abuse in the UK


This disturbing image was captured by the Met Police last year when they were called to a domestic abuse incident. There were a total of 19 knives up the stairs, and one bullet. This image shows the intimidation tactics used by perpetrators, and the fear that victims can live in.

First Forced Marriage Protection Order for a Man

Officers have obtained a forced marriage protection order for South Yorkshire’s first identified male victim of forced marriage.

This order makes the first issued by the force to protect and safeguard a teenage boy from becoming a victim of forced marriage, as forced lead for honour based abuse T/Detective Inspector Suzanne Jackson explains:

“Whilst we have issued a number of force marriage protection orders for both girls and women across South Yorkshire, this is the first order we have issued to protect a man.

Read more here

Petition for mental health first aider at work

Despite statistics showing 1 in 4 of us struggle with mental health every year, most workplaces don’t have anyone on hand that knows how to help. We also know there is a strong correlation between domestic abuse and poor mental health, such as depression and anxiety. have created a partition to commit to updating the Health and Safety At Work Act to ensure that businesses have the same obligation to provide mental health first aiders as they do medical first aiders.

Access the partition and more information here.


New posters from Norfolk County Community Safety Partnership


We have adapted and updated our local domestic abuse posters. Instead of using #iwalkedaway we are encouraging #NoToDomesticAbuse, which links into our twitter account. 

These posters are free to download and can be found here on our website.

Sextortion: Yup. It's a Thing.


Sextortion is the threat to reveal intimate images to get someone to do something they don't want to do. Although Sextortion is a new phrase, it is very common in society, especially for younger people. The website below has a fantastic video to help explain sextortion to younger people, it also has advice if you are a victim, or your friend is. There is a link to a UK helpline if you follow "talk with someone you trust - here's how it works". The THORN number is a US number.

Access the website here.

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