A message to our learners past and present

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Autumn 2017

A message to our learners past and present

Before you head off to enjoy the summer with your friends and family, we would like to thank you for choosing to join one of our courses in 2016-17.  We hope you enjoyed your learning and that we have helped you in whatever direction you want to progress.  If you are a former learner, you may be wondering what you have missed this year so now’s your chance to find out!

Our 2017-18 course brochure is available to download from our website so why not spend some time browsing and considering the next step on your learning journey?

If you have been studying a new skill or qualification, don’t stop now! A good range of skills and qualifications will really help you get that job and remember, these courses may be free or partly subsidised.  Look for course codes ending with X.

Need to improve your English or maths?  These courses are usually free and will really make a difference when applying for work or further study. We will help you move on and develop your skills until you are ready for GCSE English and maths which will really make a difference when you are looking for work.

If you have attended one of our first-step non-qualification courses such as arts and crafts, languages and computing, your tutor will talk to you about progressing to a qualification or one of our LeisureStream courses where the emphasis is on fun!

Talking of LeisureStream, take a look at the great variety of exciting courses on offer (course codes ending with L) where you can discover hidden talents and make new friends along the way.
We hope you choose to return to us next year and in the meantime, enjoy your summer.

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