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Welcome to the latest LSCB newsletter which includes updates on current safeguarding matters and links to national documents that you may find helpful in your day-to-day work. 

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Team planning

Working Together 2018

Following a consultation period, Working Together 2018 is due to be published soon. This will provide further clarity regarding new multi-agency safeguarding arrangements which will replace LSCBs. Along with other key duties, there will be a new duty placed on three safeguarding partners - health, police and local authorities - to work together with relevant agencies to make arrangements to safeguard and promote the welfare of children in the area.

Work is underway to develop our new local arrangements and the release of Working Together 2018 will enable us to shape this further.

We have new shadow arrangements in place and a plan will be published by early next year.

New arrangements will be in place later in 2019. Local safeguarding partners remain committed to working collaboratively together to safeguard and promote the welfare of children leading to better outcomes.

Child exploitation

Reducing the harm of Child Sexual Exploitation has been an LSCB priority for a number of years and extensive work has taken place during that time. The LSCB has also been dedicated to working to reduce the harm from other types of exploitation (child criminal exploitation and trafficked children) and to reduce instances of children going missing. As such, commencing from April 2018, it has been agreed to widen our area of focus to include all areas of child exploitation.

This will allow enhanced joint working across all areas of exploitation when considering ways of working and individual cases.

A new plan is being developed to orientate partnership action in relation to child exploitation.


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the NSPCC Neglect Graded Care Profile 2 (GCP) is an assessment tool that measures the quality of care delivered to a child and the commitment shown by parents or carers in meeting a child's developmental needs. The tool focusses on strengths and address areas of care that require improvement through a planned approach.

20 multi-agency staff have now been trained as champions and these staff are now training other frontline practitioners in the use of the tool. Staff will be supported to use the tool in practice and there will be opportunities to consider implementation challenges.


LSCB policy and procedures

The LSCB has recently devised:

You can view all of our policies, procedures and guidance on the LSCB website.

    LSCB Training


    The LSCB Training Programme and The Blue Door Training Programme are now available on the LSCB website,

    The LSCB Training Programme includes links to awareness training workbooks, e-learning courses and useful websites, including:

      Upcoming training courses includes:

      • The Blue Door Training - Young People and Intimate Partner Violence - 11 June
      • Modern Day Slavery & Human Trafficking - Masterclass - 12 June
      • Train the Trainer - 13 & 14 June
      • Safeguarding Children - 21 June
      • The Blue Door Training - Domestic Abuse Level 2 - 22 June
      • Legal Highs and Novel Psychoactive Substances - 25 June
      • E-Safety ThinkUKnow - 4 July
      • The Blue Door Training - Domestic Abuse Impact on the Child Level 1 - 4 July
      • Diversity & Cultural Awareness - 5 July
      • The Blue Door Training - Domestic Abuse Level 3 - 9 July
      • Understanding Trauma - Masterclass - 10 July
      • The Blue Door Training - Domestic Abuse Impact on the Child Level 2 - 20 July
      • Child Protection (2 day course) - Masterclass - 30 & 31 July

      [All courses above are intermediate unless stated otherwise]

        To book onto these courses please complete the LSCB booking form, or The Blue Door booking form and return as directed.

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          The following document could be of interest to you:

          Multi Agency Case Review - Chadrack Mbala-Mulo

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