Your round-up of news and views on the UK's nuclear decommissioning sector

David Vineall

Nuclear's deal on skills

HR Director David Vineall looks forward to the year ahead and the longer term, explaining that it's set to be a busy time for the nuclear sector and for the NDA. He is especially excited by the Nuclear Sector Deal which sets out a commitment for the industry to deliver low-carbon electricity, support jobs and create opportunities for UK suppliers and communities.  

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Sharing expertise on world stage

Riser in flight with Adrian

Experts from various global organisations heard the latest on the NDA's commercial opportunities from Dr Adrian Simper, Strategy and Technology Director. Addressing hundreds of delegates at the 2018 Civil Nuclear Showcase, Dr Simper highlighted the progress being made in decommissioning and hazard reduction at the NDA’s 17 UK nuclear sites.

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Braving the Beast from the East

DRS locomotives in action

As the UK fought against the extreme weather conditions, NDA's subsidiary Direct Rail Services helped Network Rail keep the UK moving by clearing snow from train lines. The DRS locos patrolled important routes to keep them open and drove snow ploughs through the many drifts that the ‘Beast from the East’  brought with it.

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My mum knew best

Dorothy Gradden

To mark International Women’s Day, #Decomm hears from 2 women in the nuclear industry: Dorothy Gradden, Head of Programme at one of Sellafield's most hazardous facilities, started as a young engineer more than 20 years ago, whilst recent Chemical Engineering Graduate, Heather Patterson, began working for the NDA last October.  

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Time to put exciting ideas to the test

Melanie and Chris Hope

NDA Head of Technology, Melanie Brownridge, reflects on the success of the Integrated Innovation Competition launched with Innovate UK last year. Multiple consortia developed ideas for a single, seamless system that could help solve some of the challenges facing Sellafield in the next few years.

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Record-breaking turbines leave Wylfa

The Proteus generator

Wylfa is seeking a new home for 5 ageing back-up generators. Their illustrious cousin, the Rolls-Royce Proteus Gas Turbine Generator, famously powered Donald Campbell’s Bluebird CN7 as it smashed the world land speed record in 1964. These generators provided standby electricity in the event that normal supplies were lost.

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Solid answer for liquid hazard

Raffinate is being dealt with

One of the most hazardous materials left at Dounreay is being made safer. For the past 20 years, highly radioactive liquid, known as raffinate, has been stored in tanks. A project is now under way to reduce this risk by solidifying the waste.

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