NAO newsletter October 2018 - EU exit progress, overview of adult social care, and our round up for audit committees




This bumper edition includes reports and articles on:

  • EU exit: our reports on progress towards implementation at Defra, Department for Transport, and at the UK border
  • Health and social care: including our think piece on barriers to effective joint working between health and social care services
  • Transformation, Programme and Contract Management: including tackling problem debt and the sale of student loans
  • Investigations: our investigations into national security vetting and HS2 land and property acquisitions

We've also just published our autumn Round-up for Audit Committees: an overview of the NAO reports and communications most relevant to the needs of Audit Committees.



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EU exit


The UK border: preparedness for EU exit
This report assesses how prepared government departments are for the changes required at the border after EU exit.



Exiting the EU: Consumer protection, competition and state aid

This report, published in July, examines the progress made by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the Competition and Markets Authority, and National Trading Standards in building the UK’s legal framework and capacity and capability in consumer protection, competition and state aid.



Implementing the UK’s Exit from the European Union: Department for Transport

This report, published in July, provides information on how the Department for Transport is organising itself to support a successful exit from the EU. 



Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Progress in Implementing EU Exit

This is our second report on the progress Defra has made in preparing for EU Exit. As well as looking at how Defra is managing its overall portfolio, we have carried out a detailed analysis of progress on four of its work streams covering environmental regulations for chemicals, the import and exports of animals and animal products and control of English fishing waters. This report was published in September.


See our Exiting the EU web-page for all our reports on the government’s preparation


Health and Social Care


Improving children and young people's mental health services
This report examines whether the government is likely to meet its ambitions for children and young people's mental health services.



Adult Social Care: at a Glance: 

An overview providing up-to-date analysis of key trends in adult social care and highlighting pressures on the system and the latest developments. 



The Health and Social Care Interface

A 'think piece’ highlighting barriers to health and social care services working together effectively, examples of joint working, and the move towards services centred on the needs of the individual.  



Developing New Care Models through NHS Vanguards 

This report examines whether the NHS is well placed to get value for money from its investment in developing new care models through vanguards.




Transformation, Programme and Contract Management


Projects leaving the Government Major Projects Portfolio
This report examines projects leaving the Government Major Projects Portfolio, which comprises the biggest and riskiest projects across government.


Tackling Problem Debt

This report looks at HM Treasury’s approach to those struggling with problem debt, including how well it coordinates government’s and other stakeholders’ activities and interventions in order to meet its objectives.


The Packaging Recycling Obligations

This report identifies lessons from the management and performance of the packaging recycling obligation system.


The Sale of Student Loans

This report considers the value for money of the first in a planned programme of sales of student loans.




Financial Sustainability


Financial Sustainability of Police Forces in England and Wales 2018

This report follows up on our 2015 report. It examines the Department’s progress in managing a clear assurance and oversight system that:

  • is effective in identifying risk and financial pressure;
  • uses information on the demand for and cost of police services to inform its funding allocations; and
  • supports forces to be financially sustainable by facilitating transformation and enabling forces to make savings.




Investigation into National Security Vetting

This investigation looks at the centralisation and performance of national security vetting services.



Investigation into High Speed 2 (HS2) Land and Property Acquisition for Phase 1

This investigation covers:

  • how HS2 Ltd developed its estimate of the cost to acquire the land and property required to build Phase One of High Speed 2, and how it communicated this to Parliament;
  • HS2 Ltd’s capability to produce robust estimates of the cost of land and property and to acquire the required land; and
  • HS2 Ltd’s performance to date in acquiring land and property



Financial Statements


We have also published a number of C&AG Reports on Financial Statements including for the Whole of Government Accounts.



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