Transforming Care Programme Newsletter

Transforming Care Programme Newsletter

Information for people who use the service in Medway and their parents/carers


Kent Autistic Trust (KAT)

We are pleased to tell you KAT are starting information sessions in the New Year for adults and their support networks who are newly diagnosed. The session will last the day.  For further details please contact Emilymay Miles on 01634 405168 or

What is a CTR/CETR?


What is a Care and Treatment Review (CTR)/Care Education and Treatment Review (CETR)?

Quite a few patients refuse these. Here is an explanation to try and improve understanding of what they are for. Hospital staff/parents/carers have to go through the booklet with the individual explaining the reason for the CTR/CETR and if they decline to have a review it is within their right to do so.  The individual also has to sign a page in the booklet confirming whether or not they want to have the review.




Annual Health Checks

If you are 14 years of age or older and you are on the Learning Disability Register, you can get an annual health check.

These meetings take place once a year with your doctor, or sometimes with both a doctor and a nurse. They look for any health problems.

At the end of the health check, the doctor will give you a printed health action plan.

You may want to put this information in your health book or passport if you have one.


Breast screening awareness

Breast screening awareness campaign – October 2017

Women with a learning disability are less likely to attend breast screening invites than other women.

This might be because they do not understand why they should go for a screening, the invitation or they are afraid of the screening process.

We want parents, carers and professionals to help raise awareness and support women with learning disabilities to attend the test when they are invited.


Clarks - shoe that made an autistic child happy

Clarks - shoes that made an autistic child happy

A mother was left happy after taking her 11 year-old son shoe shopping. She found the shop assistant who has helped them over the years.

The assistant showed her a “Hula Yo Gore-TEX” shoe that the child tried on and it was comfortable for him.  The shoes are as light as a feather, velcro fastening, have no extra textures and soft insoles.

After a lot of support he tried on the shoes and started running around the store jumping and smiling.

The mum thanked Clarks Shoes

 What will happen when I am no longer around

“What will happen when I am no longer around?”

Oxfordshire Family Support Network joined Age UK Oxfordshire to make a video about parents and carers fear of getting older and not been able to look after their learning disability child.

In the video, parents talk about their concerns for the future of their children and how they want them to be supported when they are not around to care for them.

Find the video here.

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