News from the LGA Labour Group - 27 March 2018

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27 March 2018

News the LGA Labour Group

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Labour local government sets out its ambitions for ‘Day One’ of Labour government

The Local Government Association (LGA) Labour Group has set out an ambitious programme for a future Labour Government to ensure councils are properly funded to deliver real change for local communities: On Day One. You can read the publication here.

The authors outline the damage caused by Tory austerity and set out what is needed to address the funding gap. Cuts of almost 50 per cent have been made to central government funding for councils between 2010 and 2018, and Tory-run Northamptonshire County Council issued a section 114 notice effectively declaring it was ‘bankrupt’. It also demands new freedoms for councils - including powers to build new council homes, open new schools, create a children’s centre in every community and a call for the next Labour government to invest heavily in early intervention and prevention.

Cllr Nick Forbes, the leader of the LGA Labour Group, said: “If the next Labour government wants to deliver immediate and visible change for the many, not the few, then the fastest and most direct route lies through local government. Communities across the country are demanding change to fix the housing crisis and support young people. With sufficient funding and greater freedoms local councils can generate economic growth, build new homes and strengthen communities.”

The report has the backing of shadow communities and local government secretary Andrew Gwynne MP, who in a foreword to the report, writes: “The future of our country cannot be formulated by politicians in Westminster, but needs to be built in partnership with local leaders and local people.”

On Day One has been reported on widely in the media. Sharon Taylor wrote in LabourList on why Councils are Labour’s most powerful weapon to destroy austerity, LGC Plus featured a piece about the call by Labour leaders for a greater role in the party if Labour wins power, and the Independent wrote about the report, focusing on the bold tax-and-spend powers called for on “day one” of a Jeremy Corbyn government. And LGA Labour Group Leader, Nick Forbes, wrote for the Huffington Post about how councils must lead social movements to deliver real change.

News from Local Labour

Bristol Adoption Service celebrates National Big Adoption Day.

Nottingham City Council has announced the Triathlon routes for the Olympic qualifying event.

The London Borough of Redbridge has opened a new customer service centre.

Newcastle’s global hub for urban innovation enters next phase of development.

The London Borough of Islington has been shortlisted for the Living Wage Champion Awards 2018.

Out on the campaign trail: we want your photos and will use the best for the LGA Labour Group Annual Report.  They must be high resolution and you must have the permission of everyone in the picture.  Please email to Lewis Addlington-Lee.  

News from Wales

Welsh Government in new push for larger councils – WalesOnline.

Cardiff Council is carrying out a consultation on Cardiff’s musical landscape.

News from the Labour Party

Jeremy Corbyn’s speech at Labour’s local election launch in Trafford.

Government’s glacial response to the victims of Grenfell is a betrayal – Tony Lloyd.

Melanie Onn comments on the rise of the number of households in temporary accommodation.

Secretary of State gets his maths wrong – twice – Andrew Gwynne.

Andrew Gwynne responds to LGA ‘On Day One’ report.

News from the LGA

LGA responds to increased funding for potholes repair funding following winter damage

Rise in online shopping clogging up our roads with LGVs

“Life-changing” care initiative can only fund one in five

LGA responds to latest Government homelessness statistics

LGA responds to latest Government housebuilding statistics

LGA responds to NICE guidance encouraging people to be more active

“Barn conversion” developments to heap more pressure on rural schools, roads and affordability

LGA responds to Marie Curie report on “end-of-life” emergency hospital admissions

LGA responds to ALARM survey on the state of local roads

LGA: Government agrees to consultative rights for local government post Brexit

LGA responds to details of social care Green paper

Jewish Manifesto for Local Government

The Jewish Manifesto for Local Government informs councillors and council candidates about how they can best serve Jewish residents. For those candidates in areas with fewer Jewish residents there are important policy recommendations for how to support community cohesion and stand against antisemitism in general.

We are calling on council candidates to support the #tenlocalcommitments, outlined on page four and five, over social media using the hashtag. We can send a physical copy of the manifesto if that would be useful for candidates. Read a copy of the manifesto

For any information on the manifesto please contact the Board of Deputies on 0207 543 5418 or email


By-election results from 22 March 2018

Cheshire East BC, Bunbury
Con 663 (53.3%, -16.9%)
LD 342 (27.5%, +27.5%)
Lab 178 (14.3%, -3.4%)
Green 60 (4.8%, -7.3%)
Conservative hold

Staffordshire Moorlands DC, Leek West
Lab 487 (42.9%, +19.1%)
Con 370 (32.6%, -6.9%)
LD 218 (19.2%, +6.2%)
Ind 61 (5.4%, -4.6%)
Labour gain from Conservative

Chiltern DC, Ridgeway
Conservative 268 (38.2%; +16.8%)
Labour 230 (32.8%; +32.8%)
LD 203 (29.0%; +11.7%)
Conservative gain from Independent 

Aylesbury Vale DC, Central and Walton
LD 551 (40.9%, +18.1%)
Con 425 (31.5%, -1.1%)
Lab 267 (19.8%, 0.9%)
Green 61 (4.5%, -4%)
Ind 44 (3.3%, +3.3%)
Lib Dem gain from Conservative

Bassetlaw DC, Worksop South East
Lab 1004 (77.3%, +21.1%)
Con 197 (15.2%, +15.2%)
LD 98 (7.5%, +7.5%)
Labour hold

Thurrock UA, Ockendon
Con 696 (36.2%, +7.8%)
Lab 696 (36.2%, +11.2%)
Ind 531 (27.6%, +27.6%)
Conservative gain (by coin toss) from UKIP 

By-elections taking place on 29th March and 5th April

29th March:
Knowsley MB, Page Moss 

5th April:
Taunton Deane BC, Wivelscombe and West Deane
New Forest DC, Milton
Fylde BC, Heyhouses