#TimeToRecycle - Metal

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time to recycle

Recycle these in your green bin

  • Tins (give them a quick rinse, no need to remove paper labels) 
  • Drink cans
  • Empty aerosol cans (deodorant, shaving foam, hairspray) 
  • Foil (scrunch small pieces up to make a bigger ball) 


Bring your old batteries to a battery bank (they're in every supermarket and there's a map here.) 

Putting batteries in either of your wheelie bins could start a fire. 

Metal imposters

Some items look like metal but are actually a mix of metal and plastic. Don't let them sneak in to your green bin. Put them in your black bin or bring them to a Terracyle drop off point.

  • crisp packets (this includes pringles tubes) 
  • biscuit wrappers 
  • pet food pouches 
  • chocolate bar wrappers

To check if something is metal or plastic do the scrunch test - if it stays scrunched it's metal and if it's bounces back it's plastic.