Tenants and Residents Association News, April 2020


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Tenants and Residents Association News, April 2020

Community action

TRAs are mobilising to help their communities - making referrals for vulnerable residents to ensure they get help. Some such as VGERA have produced their own flyers to remind residents help is at hand whilst others such as Southwyck and Tulse Hill have allowed their facilities to be used as a food distribution centre. Everyone is doing their bit in these unprecedented times.

If you need to refer anyone who is vulnerable or needs support the helpline number is 020 7926 2999. The helpline is open from 8am - 8pm everyday.

There is additional advice on support that can be offered on the Council’s website.

In the meantime, following incidents over the weekend the Police have asked the Council to remove all basket ball hoops from MUGAs (multi use games areas) to try and deter people breaking into the facility. 

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On line training sessions

Our external trainer, Diane West, is arranging to provide her training sessions on governance, roles, finance etc online. If you or your committee are interested please contact your RPO.


Children's guide to coronavirus


The Children Commissioner’s website has a useful presentation on staying safe but importantly free activities for children. Have a look childrens-guide-to-coronavirus.