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Tenants and Residents Association News February 2020

Developers fund estate improvements


The Council together with TRAs has identified landscaping projects including the installation of gardens, flower beds and benches, for a slice of the proceeds from Section 106 and Community Infrastructure Levies (CIL) contributions from developers.

This funding has contributed millions towards the costs of providing community and social infrastructure, enabling local groups to fund projects in a wide variety of areas including parks, public and open spaces, and community services and facilities.

Working with our partners Urban Growth, a range of environmental improvements have been delivered on Spurgeon Estate (above) with more in the pipeline.

Portobello Estate road improvements


In mid-December 2019 Portobellow Estate TRA and Crown Lane Primary school worked together to agree proposals for improving parking on Lakeside Road and surrounding streets. The scheme involves installing a colourful walking trail for school children including a walking bus. Lakeview Road has had a number of traffic concerns that parents have raised over the years. The colourful trail will be installed on 20 February and access to the alleyway will be restricted during this time (9am-6pm). In addition, keep clear markings will be placed outside of Crown Lane primary school to dissuade people from parking directly outside of the school gate. There will also be a running a walking project at the school, starting next month. All of this would not have been possible without the support of the Portobello Estate TRA who have been the driving force behind this initiative.

Sewing with Lilford Road TRA

Lilford TRA kicked off the year with a Sewing project which involved key needlework fundamentals learnt by each participant. The group also learned how to measure the body when creating items of clothing. It was a fun and therapeutic exercise which was crowned by the participants embarking on making custom-made personal projects. If your TRA is interested sewing classes please contact Vicki Quadri at


Holderness Estate community food bank

On 22 January Holderness Estate community food bank officially opened its doors. It’s a local initiative supported by Holderness residents. The tenants also operate a job search club from the hub. Neighbourhood Housing Officers Calista Egeonu and Kate Ogbanufe kindly assisted with the preparation process which included setting up the food. The project is also supported by the local Tesco’s and Waitrose outlets. The food bank will take place every Wednesday morning between 10:30 – 1pm.


Energy efficiency at home: residents drop in sessions


Our Sustainability team are running a series of free drop in sessions to answer your questions around energy at home. During the session, the team will provide some top tips of how to have a more comfortable, energy efficient home, and cut energy bills while helping the environment. The Team will also discuss "Fuel Poverty" (where more than 10% of the household budget is spent on energy), explain who might be fuel poor, and what could be done about it.

Find out more and get your free ticket for one of the drop in sessions below:

Thursday, 13 February 2020, Lambeth Town Hall, 11.00-14.00

Tuesday, 25 February 2020, Lambeth Town Hall, 15.30-18.30

Board Corner


The next round of Area Board meetings will be:

North Area Board, 25 February 2020 @ 6.30pm Pedlars Acre Hall

South Area Board, 3 March 2020 @ 6.30pm room 1-01 Town Hall

Registered TRAs are always able to nominate Board members. Meetings are held every quarter to review Housing Services performance and review service areas of concern and we welcome new residents getting involved. All previous Board packs are available on the Getting Involved page on the website.