Tenants’ and residents’ association News February 2019


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Tenants’ and residents’ association News February 2019

Residents Assembly report

Seventy-seven residents attended the annual Residents Assembly on Saturday 19 January. Organised by the residents’ Co-ordinating Committee they had presentations on fire safety and the new engagement structures as well as workshops on major works and the communal repairs run by the residents Task & Finish Group (see photo with TFG members - left to right- Lucy Willaims, Barbara Booth, Dierdre Quinn and Adebimipe Ajiroba).


The TFG are seeking information from any resident about communal repairs (repairs to the block or estate, not individual repairs) as evidence for their report on improvements needed to the communal repair service.

Feedback your experiences and views on the communal repairs service. It only takes a few minutes.

A report on the Assembly will be put on the getting involved page on the Council website after 12 February.

TRA of the month


Mursell TRA had a long awaited refurbishment to their community hall completed recently. Monies from LEAP (Lambeth Early Action Partnership) and Nike paid for a new kitchen, WC’s, lighting and flooring. And look how nice it looks.


Resident training courses

Latest courses available free for residents include:

  • Paedeatric First Aid
  • First Aid
  • Web design & social media
  • Level 1 Food hygiene

Contact gettinginvolved@lambeth.gov.uk for more information. 




Just a reminder that all TRAs must hold an AGM every 12 months if they want to remain recognised by the Council and eligible for grants. They are also required to produce annual accounts for the AGM which must be independently checked. We can arrange for that to be done. It is also important TRAs then plan what activities they wish to organise for the next 12 months. Again, help can be provided with this but it is important TRAs build their capacity so they are not reliant on just one or two people. Also it is important TRAs do not take on everything. Residents should be encouraged to chase their own repairs and only come to the TRA if they have been unable to resolve them. For more advice and support contact your Resident Participation Officer or gettinginvolved@lambeth.gov.uk.

Board Meetings


The three Area Boards all met in January to discuss Housing Services performance. They highlighted the need for major works performances indicators (KPIs) to be produced every quarter as well as asking for further reports about performance in dealing with anti-social behaviour and call handling. The next round of Board meetings will take place in May.

Resident Panels


We are still interested in recruiting residents to the following panels:

Fire safety: this panel is discussing the practical measures being taken to ensure our homes meet national safety standards, evacuation procedures, and resident communications. We are particularly keen to get residents from tower blocks involved.

Contract reprocurement: the housing repairs and maintenance contract is expiring in 2020 so is due to be re-tendered later this year. Residents on the panel will work with officers on the strategy and tendering of these key services. Members should be willing to undertake accredited training on the tendering process.

We are also starting an Anti Social Behaviour Panel with a view to reviewing the service and ensuring it fits in with the Council’s community safety strategy. We are looking for residents interested in joining the board.

All panels meet roughly four times a year.

Please email gettinginvolved@lambeth.gov.uk stating which panel you are interested in or want any more information about.