Let's get cooking!

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Let's get cooking!

This week's newsletter is all about cooking with your child. 

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The Bright Start Bright Ideas fortnightly newsletter is for expectant parents and those with children under five. It will bring you exciting ideas and tips on how to support early health and development, along with links to activities, Bright Start services and fun places to visit.

Bright Idea

Dad cooking mash potatoes with child

Have fun cooking some simple healthy meals or snacks with your child. Create tasty food to share together!

Let them mix, pour, stir and weigh ingredients.

Chop, roll, smell and taste as you go.

Don’t forget to wash your hands!

Recipe ideas

Bright Fact

measuring cups

Did you know....

Your child is learning so much when they cook with you!

Maths skills - counting, weighing, measuring and sorting.

Science skills - what happens when we mix things together? What happens in the oven?

Language and literacy - learning new words and learning to follow directions. Introduce new words as you chat together.

Physical skills - developing their fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination.

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Bright Journey


Why not visit the market with your child, to buy some of the ingredients for the cooking activity?

Archway market:

When: Every Saturday 10-6  

Where: Navigator Square, Archway.      

More markets in Islington      

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