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December 2017

HSE Healthy Lungs Summit

Workplace Healthy Lungs Summit

HSE's Workplace Healthy Lungs Summit in November successfully kick-started an awareness raising campaign to highlight that occupational lung disease is an important health issue that needs action now, even though its health impacts may not become evident for years.


The event showcased what HSE is doing on lung disease, provided an understanding of the background to the campaign material, and demonstrated how we have used our expertise to influence end users in this topic area.


The Centre for Workplace Health here at HSL consists of a group of experts and physicians that offer a multidisciplinary approach to health, including respiratory conditions & occupational lung disease. 


Reducing dust and allergen exposures in bakeries

Bakers have a continuing high incidence of occupational allergic asthma. In factory bakeries they are exposed not only to flour dust containing allergens, but also improvers that can contain added soya, fungal or bacterial enzymes (also allergenic), as well as vegetable oil, calcium sulphate/silicate and organic esters.

This recently published study investigated whether altering improver ingredients could reduce dust and allergen exposure. The experiments demonstrated that increased oil content reduced inhalable levels of gravimetric dust and measured allergens. Changing improver formulation, such as increasing oil content of flour by a small amount, may represent a simple, practical method of reducing bakery workers’ exposure to dust and allergens where improvers are used.

Further details of exposure measurements available assess dust and allergen exposures in bakeries can be found on our website.


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