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September 2017

Nano paper

New paper: Comparison of personal monitors for nanoparticle exposure assessment


Delphine Bard and European colleagues have looked at how different personal monitors perform.  The comparability of the lung-deposited surface area concentrations was generally within ± 30% whereas for number concentrations it was ± 50%.  Drastic bias was observed when larger particles (> 400 nm) were present.  HSL offer a variety of testing options for nanoparticles (contact Delphine) as well as health and safety expert advice.


Biological Monitoring Guidance Values Refreshed!

EH40/2005 contains a list of the current Biological Monitoring Guidance Values (BMGVs) as well as Workplace Exposure Limits.  To date, there are 17 BMGVs (including isocyanates and chlorobenzene).  BMGVs are intended to be used as tools in meeting the employer’s primary duty to ensure adequate control under COSHH.  HSL has recently refreshed the information sheets on each BMGV covering sampling, analysis and interpretation. 

Noise Workshop

MOD Safety Day

The Ministry of Defence, Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) runs an annual Safety Day to promote health and safety in all aspects of its work. Paul Pitts and Emma Shanks were invited to provide a key part of a workshop on noise risk. The presentation focused on the effects of noise, the requirements of legislation and selection and use of hearing protection. Project teams from DE&S then spoke about their experiences in dealing with noise risks.


After the workshop, new DE&S project groups expressed interest in attending the on-site noise clinics, run by HSL’s Noise and Vibration team every two months. The noise clinics provide an opportunity to discuss specific issues and have been precursors for new research.

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