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June 2017

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The Development and Use of Tools to Support Workplace Hand-Arm Vibration Exposure Evaluation - an article by HSL's Paul Pitts 

Long-term exposure to hand-arm vibration (HAV) from powered machinery is known to be responsible for damage to the hand and arm. To protect workers, employers are required to apply appropriate measures to control vibration exposures.  In Great Britain, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has provided tools designed to simplify exposure evaluation as part of employers’ risk assessments for vibration.  Click here to read the article and find out more.  


Did you know HSL carries out HAVS Tier 5 testing here at our laboratory in Buxton? Click here for more information about our Centre for Workplace Health.


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Control of Welding Fume - HSL's John Saunders delivers a presentation at BOHS Meeting, 4th July

John Saunders, a ventilation specialist scientist within the Measurement and Control team at HSL will be giving a talk alongside HSE’s Gordon Smith at a BOHS meeting in July, focusing on "Welding - assessment & control - an overview". Find details by following this link to the BOHS information page. BOHS are currently running an initiative on controlling welding fume.


HSL can offer exposure assessment to welding fume through air monitoring or urine sampling

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Decontamination: Protecting first responders, healthcare workers, patients and the public


Airborne disinfection, air purification and other interventions can be used to limit the spread of infectious microorganisms, such as MRSA and Ebola. Our microbiologists use their considerable experience of decontamination testing for the evaluation of products and equipment used in areas such as biosafety, biosecurity, pharmaceuticals and healthcare.


Vomiting Larry: Case Study


Vomiting Larry: On Youtube


Our decontamination service has informed effective decontamination of areas such as hospitals, emergency vehicles and accident sites. We have also advised on decontamination in the event of malicious releases, protecting the workforce and public from infection.  Follow this link to read more in HSE’s Annual Science Review. (Page 25).


Asbestos – Managing asbestos in domestic* and non-domestic premises – 18th July 2017

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