Exposure Control and Assessment January 2017

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January 2017


HSL’s Measurement & Control team presenting @ BOHS event, Hinckley 7-8 February

Dom Pocock and John Saunders, of the Measurement and Control team will deliver presentations covering topics such as ‘Control of Welding Fume with a Focus on on-torch Extraction’, and ‘retrofitting existing LEV Systems for Improved Flour and Dust Control in Bakeries’.  Visit the BOHS website for further details on the event.

The same team will also deliver a workshop on ‘The Role of LEV in Additive Manufacturing’, at the MTC in Coventry on Wednesday 22nd February 2017. 

Civil Service

HSL is Recruiting!  Physicist required…

An exciting opportunity to join HSE’s Laboratory can be found here through Civil Service Jobs.


Working in multi-disciplinary teams, the focus of the role is on contributing directly to improving the lives of people in their workplaces. This is an excellent opportunity for a graduate Physicist to develop their skills and career within a well-established group of scientists in our Measurement Control and Noise and Vibration teams. 

Personal Monitoring of fume

Introducing the Measurement of Hazardous Substance Exposures Training Course…

HSE estimates that there are around 12,000 deaths each year from work-related lung disease and cancer caused by exposure to chemicals and dusts at work. Many more people are disabled, or have their quality of life impaired, through unnecessary workplace exposures to these agents. Exposure measurement can play a key part in the overall risk management approach for hazardous substances. 


This course is designed to give health and safety professionals a clear view of how exposure measurement can help them better understand and control the health risks posed by hazardous substances.


Book your place now for the 8th March 2017

Training Courses 

Biosafety - Concepts and Working Practices at Containment Level 3 – 27th Feb to 3rd March 2017

Measurement of Hazardous Substance Exposures – 8th March 2017

Biological Monitoring for Chemical Exposures at Work – 9th March 2017

Asbestos – Managing Asbestos in Domestic and Non-Domestic Premises 14th March 2017

Airmon Conference 2017

Conference: Airmon 2017

The AIRMON symposium, held every three years, has become a leading European event for showcasing the newest research and developments in the characterization of exposure to chemical and biological agents at workplaces and in the wider environment. This event, organised by a number of regulatory institutes including HSL, is an excellent forum for all those who are involved in method development, air sampling, exposure assessment, regulatory issues or other areas related to air monitoring and biological monitoring. We hope to see you there! Click here to find out more.