HSL's Exposure Assessment & Control Bulletin - Dec' 2016

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December 2016

Air-Fed Suit

International Meeting on Emerging Diseases, Vienna 

Dr Brian Crook, of HSL’s Microbiology team, attended and presented at the International Meeting on Emerging Diseases, held on 4-7th November.  There were around 800 delegates at this and a broad range of interesting topics – see the full programme here for more information.


Dr Crook’s presentation focussed on the decontamination methodology for biosafety, covering topics such as the fumigation of high containment laboratories, air fed suits, biosafety/security training, and exposure tracking using UV powders.


Don’t flip your visor!

Air-fed visors are commonly used within the Motor Vehicle Repair (MVR) trade for protection against exposure to isocyanate paints. However, a common practice amongst paint sprayers is to flip up the visor immediately after spraying to check the quality of the paint finish. This may be only for a few seconds but if repeated numerous times during a work shift, this could potentially result in a significant increase in exposure. 

Our research clearly demonstrated that lifting the visor whilst still within a contaminated atmosphere had a significant detrimental effect on the protection afforded by the visor.  Biological monitoring can be a simple way to check that your control measures are working. Click for more information. 


NIOSH Public Meeting on Draft CSTD Protocol

Ian Pengelly of the Analytical Chemistry Team attended a public meeting on the development of a universal test protocol for Closed System Transfer Devices (CSTDs) at the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention at NIOSH in Cincinnati on November 7 2016.  

Season's Greetings from HSL

We wish you a happy healthy and safe Christmas, and look forward to bringing you the latest news about our Exposure Control and Assessment activities in 2017!

Xmas Tree


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