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Roof tile silica exposure

Reducing exposures to silica in construction

HSL has undertaken research and showed that just cutting two valley roof tiles in each daily shift (about fifteen minutes of work in eight hours) resulted in the operator being exposed to levels above the occupational exposure limit for respiratory crystalline silica (RCS). Colleagues working close by were also placed at risk.  

To find out more about this research and what it means for you, contact HSL's Occupational Hygiene Specialist, Chris Keen 



Read the case study here. 


Novel research better characterises risk from chromium exposures

Urine testing is currently used to assess uptake of chromium in workers by all routes, including ingestion by hand to mouth contact.  However the current test can only measure total chromium and this does not reflect the toxicities of different forms of chromium. 


A new technique looking at exhaled breath condensate allows us to measure the carcinogenic form, hexavalent chromium, specifically.  This should result in better insights into exposure scenarios and how best to control them.


Read our latest research.


Better assessing chromium exposure

Isocyanate skin absorption

Isocyanates can be absorbed through the skin

HSL will be attending Occupational and Environmental Exposure of Skin to Chemicals (OEESC) Conference in Manchester (19-21 September 2016)Kate Jones will be talking about dermal uptake of isocyanates – examples of where significant skin absorption have been observed include laying of floor screeds and the use of isocyanate-based adhesive.  

See how a change in glove regime can make a difference.


Training courses in September/October

Management of Hand Arm Vibration in the Workplace – 8th September 2016

Measurement of Hazardous Substance Exposures – 13th September 2016

*Biological Monitoring for Chemical Exposures at Work – 14th September 2016

LEV - Practical Management of Local Exhaust Ventilation Controls – 20th September 2016

Improving Your Health Related Risk Assessments – 29th September 2016

COSHH Training - Practical Assessment and Control – 12/13 October 2016 (Also available in Glasgow and London)

*Special Offer if booked with Measurement of Hazardous Substance Exposures - please contact training@hsl.gsi.gov.uk for more details.