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5 November 2019

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Adriènne Kelbie

Political uncertainty continues to dominate the headlines and our external environment remains far from clear.

In this landscape, being an effective and efficient regulator is more important than ever. We’re moving to a stronger position to deliver flexibly in response to the changing environment, with public safety firmly at the heart of what we do – reaffirmed in Mark Foy’s ‘first of a kind’ Chief Nuclear Inspector (CNI) report, published last month.  

I am grateful for the collective efforts our Senior Leadership Team and staff have made in placing significant focus on forecasting and deployment of resources, as we continue to press ahead with modernisation and streamlining our processes through our Well Informed Regulatory Decisions (WIReD) project.  And, whatever the eventual outcome of Brexit, ONR stands ready to deliver on our international safeguards obligations when the UK exits Euratom.  

Looking further ahead, the ONR strategy that will take us up to 2025 is now in final stages of development. It reflects both the external environment and your views, which have been remarkably consistent: working in a more agile way, greater operational and international co-operation, a focus on economic impact, and embracing greater innovation. We hope to share it with you later in the year and look forward to hearing what you think.

And it isn’t just our strategy we need your views on. A peer-review took place in October that will tell us what the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) thinks of our regulation, but we want to hear from you too. In our 2017 stakeholder survey, you described us as professional, trusted and fair and, as you might expect, we’ve been working on what you said we could do better.  We are not complacent: we’ll shortly be inviting you to share your views on where you think we are, two years on.

I am grateful, as always, for your honest feedback and willingness to support our work. And you can be sure that, as always, we’re on it.

Adriènne Kelbie
Chief Executive

Six months in...

Mark McAllister

In my first six months at ONR, my priority has been to meet as many of our staff and stakeholders as I can. This has helped me enormously in building up a clear picture of the extent of our work. I’m impressed with the dedication, professionalism, passion and commitment to ensure the nuclear industry is safe.

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Chief Nuclear Inspector gives view on industry performance

The Chief Nuclear Inspector, Mark Foy, published his first- of-a-kind view on the performance of Great Britain's nuclear industry during 2018/19.

Overall, Mark is satisfied that, overall, the nuclear industry has continued to meet the required high standards of safety and security to protect workers and the public.

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CNI report

Regulating the regulators

Anthony Hart

Getting feedback on our application of international safety standards, enhances the effectiveness of our regulation.

We recently hosted a major international review of the UK’s regulation of nuclear and radiological safety. 

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Engagement for better regulation

We make regulatory decisions on a daily basis and, from time-to-time, the regulatory issues we deal with and the decisions we make attract strong external interest from a wide range of our stakeholders.

Find out more from our Operating Facilities Director, Donald Urquhart

Donald Urquhart

Invaluable insight

Katie Day

Your insight and views are invaluable to us – they help us to shape our regulation and our organisation. It’s why we place stakeholder engagement, from face to face meetings to statutory consultation, at the heart of how we work.

Our annual stakeholder survey has just been launched, and once again, we’d like to hear from you on what we’re doing well and what we could do better.

Find out more from our Policy & Communications Director, Katie Day