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14 May 2019

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ONR turns five!

Adriènne Kelbie

Nuclear regulation has existed for decades and those who have influenced it during this time will have experienced great change.  The collective mission of all regulators remains critical to a safe and secure industry at home and abroad. 

With new technical challenges, technological opportunities, and increasing recognition of the importance of diversity of thinking, strong leadership and impeccable teamwork has never been more necessary for success.

So I want to pause for a moment to thank all of the staff of ONR – past and present – who helped us reach our fifth birthday in good shape.  They impress me every single day with their dedication to public service, appetite for change and sheer professionalism and competence.  And I know from your feedback that they impress you too and that is a huge motivator for us all.

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Introduction to Mark McAllister

Mark McAllister

I am delighted to have joined ONR in April, and grateful for a very smooth transition from ONR’s outgoing Chair Nick Baldwin.  I believe it’s important to be visible and to listen to those we work on behalf of.  I have already started a busy programme of meeting with our stakeholders, which will increase over the next few months.

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Our Corporate Plan 2019/20

Sarah High

With just one year of our 2015 to 2020 Strategy remaining, we are well on the way to achieving the vision and delivering our strategic intent set out in our five-year plan.  But that depends on another busy year for everyone!

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Help shape our strategy

Katie Day

I expect our Strategy for 2020-25 will build on our successes and further enhance our ability to be the best nuclear regulator we can be.

But to be the best means listening to those we work with and those we serve, too. So we’re not developing our Strategy alone. 

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