GB Maximum Residue Levels: Proposed amendments for pencycuron

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Proposed future GB maximum residue level (GB MRL) amendments

Pencycuron is no longer an approved active substance in GB and all plant protection product authorisations have been withdrawn.

As harmful effects on human health cannot be excluded, it is proposed to lower all MRLs for pencycuron to the limit of quantification.


The draft Reasoned Opinion of the review of the MRLs for pencycuron is available here:


The review of the existing MRLs for pencycuron (.pdf)


The proposed date of adoption/publication of the new MRLs is 6 March 2024 and the proposed date of entry into force of the new MRLs will be six months after the date of adoption/publication.


To meet the UK’s international trade obligations, the measures have been notified to the World Trade Organization (WTO) and this notification can be found on the WTO website.


On completion of this process, an update on the final MRLs agreed, along with the date of entry into force, will be communicated via an ebulletin. 


View more information and guidance on the MRL processes for GB.

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